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Politics determine everything

By Andile Mngxitama

There are some people who genuinely believe that there are aspects of life which are not controlled by politics. Some black people even say, “don’t politicize everything”, or worse, some say, “not everything is about race”. First, politics is what determine everything, where you live, how you live, where you get education, what kind of education, who benefits, who is exploited, what you eat and even your beliefs.

Politics is power! As black revolutionaries and socialists we want to end politics as we know them now, because they are designed to benefit the elite at the expense of the majority. This is the notion of “anti-politics-political engagement” or to use politics to end politics.

In a racist society like South Africa, politics are about maintaining racism and politicians are mere police to make sure no revolution against the racist elite rule happens. Have you heard politicians warn about, “unled” revolution, or how they advice capitalists about how to bribe their workers to avoid a revolution?

Secondly, it makes no sense at all to say, “not everything is about race” in a racist society. It’s like saying not everything is about water in the ocean. Race is a branch of power, a power of domination against blacks and it is total.

If you train yourself to see things from a black perspective soon you will see that everything is about politics and race and that we blacks are kept at the bottom, that is why we need BLACK FIRST!

You will also understand that only a revolution can change our lives, not deals and negotiations.

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