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BLF applauds Morales for rejecting Rothschild family & international banking cartels

Media Statement:

“Before, in order to obtain credit from the IMF, we were forced to give up a part of our country, but we have liberated ourselves economically and politically and we are no longer dependent on other countries or institutions.” – Evo Morales

In the context of the global war currently being waged by the West to consolidate white imperialist power, those countries whose anti-imperialist agenda poses a serious threat to Western imperialism have been targeted. Western dominance operates via institutions like the World Bank (WB) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) which in turn are privately controlled by the Rothschild banking family. These imperialist institutions firstly pressurize countries into deregulating their financial sectors thereby allowing private banks to loot their economies with impunity.

Bolivia under Evo Marales has been consistently exposing and guarding against the West’s complicity in the destruction of the developing economies and its peoples. The world has already witnessed how the IMF, the World Bank, the World Trade Organization, Free Zones etc. have completely ravaged and destroyed economies, especially in Africa, Asia and Latin America. These nations have been caught up in the stranglehold of capitalist imperialism and brought to their knees by the policies of aforesaid imperialist institutions.

Numerous developing countries have experienced the dismal failure of the IMF remedy against the backdrop of IMF and World Bank policies. We have seen with horror how these countries who take IMF loans are forced to comply with the restrictions placed on them – always at the expense of the well being of their people. Even when the affected countries attempt to comply with these IMF restrictions, they get plunged into a further state of deep economic, political and social crisis.

We have also seen how governments have been forced to rescue their deregulated financial sectors in crisis. What  the IMF or World Bank do is sets up an IMF remedy in the form of a loan, concluded between the relevant bankers and the finance minister. This compromises national sovereignty and economic liberation and pressurizes them into adopting harmful austerity policies.

Before Morales became president of Bolivia, the country was suffering from the aftermath of the IMF/World Bank austerity measures and forced privatization. But under the leadership of Morales the country was initially able to liquidate some of those privatization deals, specifically “the privatization of the nation’s water supply”. However, the general stranglehold imposed by the imperialist “Rothschild-controlled institutions” was maintained and perpetuated.

Morales has systematically focused great effort on reducing poverty and combating the influence of the United States and multinational corporations in the country. Consequently Bolivia is currently the fastest growing economy in South America and reportedly on the path to economic liberation. In this regard it is fighting imperialism to take back the economy completely.

Morales is cognisant of the fact that the realisation of economic liberation must entail a rejection of the Rothschild family imperialist institutions that have been hellbent on making super profits at the expense of the Bolivian people. In this context he has recently announced that Bolivia will, from now on, ignore all United States, World Bank, or IMF related demands or buy offs.

The Bolivian people under Morales have engaged in unrelenting struggle to defend their sovereignty and to advance their struggle for economic liberation. To this end the anti-capitalist, anti-imperialism legacy of Morales, in addition to banning the international banking cartels from doing business in Bolivia, includes the following:

1. Banning of McDonald’s and Coca Cola

2. Refusing to cooperate with the US’ bogus “War on Drugs”

3. Spending 14% of the national budget on quality education

4. Compelling “foreign oil and gas companies” to pay the Bolivian government 82% of its profits which in turn is utilized for the benefit of the poor.

Black First Land First (BLF) is moved by the commitment and direct action of the Bolivian government to ban all things in the country that have come to represent capitalist plunder all over the world. We draw strength from the leadership ethos of Morales and from the country’s counter neo-liberal policies under Morales. We are encouraged by the revolutionary gains thus far to realize the promise of a new world.

Full honors to President Evo Morales. Forward to fighting imperialism and taking back the economy!

7 December 2016

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