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The Parallel Power Praxis

By Andile Mngxitama

This short piece was written by Mngxitama a little over a year ago. We republish it here due to its continued relevance in South African politics today. Here is the article Mngxitama wrote for Sunday Independent about the parallel power praxis, one year later.

I don’t join the chorus of condemning [Jacob] Zuma for replacing [Nhlanhla] Nene. This is usual ANC internal issues.

Nene was an efficient neo-liberal minister, lording over treasury, just like his predecessors who have given us the neo-colonial macro economic framework. I also find the emphasis on the alleged romantic ties between Zuma and [Dudu] Myeni as being decisive in the matter an insult. Zuma defends his people period! Or Hlaudi Motsoeneng le yena o jola le Zuma?

I don’t give a damn about Standard and Poor’s ranking rubbish. The rand fell? So the minister was employed by the markets? This is the usual bullying by capital. Why are randless people crying about currency devaluation?

Anyway, I have developed a theory to explain Zuma’s inexplicable decisions. I call it “parallel power praxis.” What people don’t know is that Zuma has abandoned the State to whites and is running a parallel process, where he runs things his way with his people for his people. This is a function of the failure to decolonise the State and the roman Dutch and Anglo saxon legal framework that underpin the constitution of South Africa. The sad thing is that Zuma is doing the parallel strategy not to benefit all people but only for himself and close buddies.

People who think Zuma cares or is bound by the formal state craft miss the point. See Sunday Independent this Sunday, I unpack the evolution of Zuma’s “parallel power praxis”.

We must condemn but more, we must explain.

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