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Lest We Forget, 16 December 1838 and the Black Blood That Flowed Down The Ncome River

Media Statement

It’s now exactly a year since the kick off of the #ZumaMustFall Campaign. We note that 16 December was the day chosen by the white organizers of the said campaign to make that rallying call!  They turned an important site of struggle involving the state and revolution into a national sunday picnic to serve as a black fight catcher for white modification and leverage so as to continue benefitting from their original theft.  It’s since been open invitation to black rage with no reservations. And whiteness dictates,  “don’t ask any questions?”

Whites have no urgency or will to return the land but they want Zuma to go. This is a distraction from their original sin. Yes, we must ask when are they returning our land and the trillions they stole. Soon they will turn the inevitable land occupations into leisurely picnics for blacks and a bonus for whites. 16 December means a lot to the bloody legacy of whiteness – to white pride. For blacks its a reminder of blacks dying in battle in defence of their honor – land!  Its an insult to blacks that whites continue using this day to act with such impunity for neo-liberal ends thus derailing the genuine struggle of blacks. We remember that it was on this day in 1838 that 3000 black warriors died at the hands of greedy whites. We remember that they died protecting the collective birthright of blacks. For white people 16 December has always symbolized a ‘victory’ over Blacks in the “Battle of Blood River” – when the warriors led by Dingane’s generals (Dambuza and Ndlela kaSompisi) were killed by them. The blood of these fallen heroes flowed into the Ncome River and turned it red, hence the colonial description “the Battle of Blood River”. December 16, 1838 is historically the rallying point of whites for the consolidation of their agenda towards securing their interests in perpetuity. For blacks it’s a day that symbolizes colonial land theft that later found expression in the Battle of Isandlwana of 22 January 1879. Isandhlwana was, on historical reflection, the spark that started the process of decolonization and de-racialisation of stolen black lands. It has inspired many black resistance struggles, including the Bhambatha Rebellion, the Maji Maji, the Algerian War of Independence, the Mau-Mau guerrilla warfare in Kenya, the Chimurenga wars in Zimbabwe etc.

16 December is now celebrated by neo liberalism as the Day of Reconciliation but history reminds us of the real issue which is delinked from the white agenda of the current #ZumaMustFall campaign – that there can be no reconciliation without blacks getting their land back. Land or Death! Victory is Certain!

16 December 2016

Issued by Black First Land First, National Coordinating Committee (BLF NCC)

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