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Andile Mngxitama: Political Report to the 1st BLF National Strategic Planning Meeting

By BO Staff Writer

On 12 December 2016 the National Convener of the black conscious movement Black First Land First (BLF), Andile Mngxitama, officially opened the movement’s first National Strategic Planning (NSP) meeting by delivering this political report. The speech provides political insight on everything from the USA elections, imperialism to the Fees Must Fall movement.

Delegates, guests and leadership to this 1st National Strategic Planning Meeting of our movement, I bring you revolutionary greetings!

We are here for the next five days to take time out so as to critically reflect on our movement and provide a three year road map towards realizing the Black Agenda!

During May this year in Soweto, we agreed to formalize this movement into a formidable organ of the black people’s revolution. We also agreed to be guided by the Black Agenda.

In the days that we shall spent here, we shall indeed emerge with our first clear plan towards reaching our objectives. A plan is a guide to action. It still needs innovation and leadership. But without a plan we can’t succeed! In the same way that without theory we can’t have a revolution, theory without action is dead!


We meet at the backdrop of the passing on of one of the most complete revolutionaries of our times, Comrade Fidel Castro. We saw agents of white monopoly capital and imperialism falling over each other in a stampede to celebrate Fidel. Some turned the passing on of the great giant of the 20th century as an occasion to take an holiday in Cuba, flying business class. The crass materialism of the neo-colonial political leaders of South Africa is just getting worse. From Blade Nzimande, the pro capitalist fake communist to the murderer of Marikana Cyril Ramaphosa, none missed the opportunity to defile the sacred name of Fidel. Most of these people would have been put against the tree and shot during the glorious Cuban revolution.

What do we learn from Fidel?

Firstly, as he says it himself, numbers don’t matter that much. If you have determination, clarity and a plan you will succeed in the revolutionary process. Fidel started a revolution with only 81 people. Most of them were wiped off in the first expedition. But within years, they marched to Havana gloriously! The few with clarity with chutzpa become the thousands with clarity, revolutionary zeal and desire to make history!

To be sure, BLF wants numbers, but we want revolutionary numbers! Let our people join us because we are revolutionary, not because we can insult the best. Let our people join us because we are the most dedicated and the most clear and disciplined fighters against oppression! We must not fill stadiums to amuse the poor and hungry masses. We must fill the heads of our people with revolutionary ideas!

We also learn from Fidel and Che that the “balance of forces” are not immutable. They can be changed into a favorable proposition for the revolutionary process. People who sell out like saying that strategy and tactics determine that we go slow, that we be too careful etc. Imagine if Che and Fidel had done a calculation of the strengths of the enemy and on that basis concluded that the revolution is not possible. We have to study the enemy. We must study its strengths and its weaknesses and then turn this into our strategic advantage.

The revolution makes the impossible possible!

We thank the people of Cuba for the great sacrifices they have made towards our struggle for liberation. The only real tribute we can pay Fidel is to defeat settler colonialism and white supremacy for a Black First society!


The election of Donald Trump as President of the USA doesn’t signify the worsening of the situation of black people there. Trump is an honest racist who doesn’t hide behind deceptive language to pretend to be with blacks while murdering them. There is a narrative that says Hilary Clinton would have been better. We ask, better for who?

With Trump we know what we are dealing with. Its our job to respond accordingly. Trump is a hero of the white working class who have been beaten for far too long. Racism and white supremacy have always been good for white workers – it served them well here and in the USA. Why wouldn’t they chose one of their own? The capitalism of Obama and Hilary has only served the Wall Street elite. The white working class wants their share of the spoils of exploitation and oppression of black people the world over.

Voting for Trump by white workers is a rational decision. The question is where are the warriors for black people? We need the Donald Trumps of Black people. We need a Trump minus the fascist tendencies! And we need an uncaptured leadership which will not be afraid to say, Black First!

BLF has watched how the glorious and promising movement in the USA, Black Lives Matter (BLM), got seduced into a harmless contemporary performance group by white praise and recognition. BLM is trapped in the grammar of suffering of whiteness. They aren’t able to say “an eye for an eye”. When Brother Micah Xavier Johnson took down five pigs in Dallas, the BLM folks distanced themselves from this warrior. They proclaimed peace in the middle of war. They denounced the one ready and willing to give his life so that we may live.

BLF has elevated Brother Micah Johnson to a martyr of the black revolution all over the world. We commend instead of condemn Micah! He is the one we have been waiting for! Black people have been seduced into what Malcolm X called a Negro Revolution. The idea of a peaceful revolution is precisely a Negro Revolution. This is what happened here in 1994. We still say liberation by any means necessary!

Imperialism wants regime change!

We are in the middle of an imperialist war. Only our movement has been able to creatively synthesize Black Consciousness into a programmatic response to the imperialist attack. Our response has been “Hands Off Zuma- Campaign Economic Liberation Now!”. We have argued and no-one including those who insult us have given a superior alternative. These half baked BC people say we must not take any position because they don’t like Zuma. Well, white supremacy hates all blacks! We have provided, in the main, two premises for our campaign:

Firstly, we have said, Zuma is under attack from imperialism because of his closeness to the BRICS process. We have said this is the same attack that the president of Brazil has suffered. Our detractors are anti imperialist in Brazil but on the side of imperialism in SA.

The second reason Zuma is under attack is because of his move to displace the stranglehold of white monopoly capital on the Treasury. To this end he moved last December and hired Des van Rooyen as Minister of Finance. That move has given birth to the “Save SA” campaign based on the “Zuma Must Go” logic openly supported by white capital. In this regard we all saw how Johann Rupert and the 81 CEOs came out. The move to take SA out of the ICC further cements this “look East” policy of President Zuma. It has angered the West and white capitalist.

BLF has for this reason provided a conditional demand driven support for President Zuma. We have said we want land; we want nationalization; we want free education; we want reparations for Marikana; we want a minimum wage!

Our detractors say that we must not make these demands because Zuma is a neo colonialist. This is the death of imagination. Which struggle can continue without making demands; without pressing for the limits of the possible; without turning every crisis point into a moment of advancing and rousing the masses to desire liberation? Our conditions are part of the process to build a minimum programme. We don’t expect Zuma to give us our demands, we must fight for these!

There is a second reason why we must defend Zuma. This is because BC demands that we defend any black person that comes under attack. We defend first and ask questions later.

In the face of white aggression we suspend all our differences. The same half baked BC people who seem to think a “non white” when under attack does not deserve our protection, think that white supremacy makes a distinction between us. They don’t know that in the eyes of White Supremacy, there is no difference between Mathanzima, Mangope, Biko and Sobukwe.

How do we deal with “sell outs” and “non whites”? We as black people haven’t yet come up with an effective response. We end up being manipulated into fighting the “body guards” of the enemy instead of the enemy. In some instances we even go into an alliance with the enemy against the bodyguards.

Wednesday night we shall discuss this matter under the topic: “Peace Amongst Blacks- a Revolutionary Principle”. This is an open meeting and all are welcomed. So our campaign “#HandsOffZumaEconomicLiberationNow”, is in the first place driven by BC and secondly by a revolutionary method of developing a minimum programme of demands upon which a radical agenda can be pushed.

Imperialism and settler white capitalism have chosen their President for South Africa that is, Cyril Ramaphosa. They also want him now. They don’t want to waste anymore time. They want Zuma gone! We have to resist this. We have to expose the fact that the reason they want Cyril Ramaphosa is because he has demonstrated that he is prepared to kill blacks for profits.

It was Ramaphosa who called the police to come and murder black workers in Marikana. White capital doesn’t trust Zuma. They trust their man Cyril. We have also seen how the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), which is controlled by the same London forces, have been making overtures to Cyril.

BLF welcomes President Zuma’s announcements on Marikana. The BLF campaign “#HandsOffZumaEconomicLiberationNow” has as one of its demands, “reparations for Marikana” workers. We are pleased to hear that the President has now announced that government is ready to pay reparations. This is the correct step in the right direction.
However, reparations cannot be anything less than R5 million per affected household and a life time commitment to free quality education and healthcare.

The money for compensation cannot come from the state. It’s the London based company, Lonmin, which must pay! The State can’t use our money to pay for the sins of Lonmin. Ramaphosa and his murderous Lonmin must pay reparations for the Marikana massacre.

To this end, so as not to waste more time in attaining justice for the victims, BLF proposes that the State pays the reparations and then recovers it from Lonmin.

Secondly, BLF welcomes the announcement by government that it shall withdraw the mining rights of Lonmin should it fail to provide adequate social amenities for the workers and their families. This is long overdue. We don’t want empty threats. Lonmin must be given a clear deadline failing which the State must withdraw its (Lonmin’s) licence to mine.

We say to Minister Mosebenzi Zwane “you have a legal weapon in your hands, use it!”

Education crisis, bring in the Zimbabweans

BLF is again appauled by the failure to provide quality education for blacks in SA. The fact that the Department of Education has yet again lowered the Mathematics pass rate is a recipe for disaster. It’s the surest way of maintaining the two tier racist system of education where blacks are trained to be servants and whites to be our masters.

This situation is at a crisis point and needs decisive leadership. In this regard BLF, in our Black Agenda, has already proposed a short term solution envisaging the best possible results. Let the Zimbabweans with “O” and “A” levels be hired in our schools to teach English and Mathematics alongside our teachers. No one loses any job and our black children would benefit to no end. Empty pride won’t help us. The Zimbabweans are already here and better equipped in these subjects. Lets be true Pan Afrikanists. Lets intergrate and benefit both our people here and in Zimbabwe.

Fees Must Fall

BLF salutes the ongoing struggle for Free Tertiary Education. However, we wish to make it clear that this legitimate struggle must not be hijacked by the regime change agents. The best way to avoid this is to firstly emphasis that ‘we are black before we are students”; and secondly to understand that there can be no decolonization of the university in a colonial society.

Unless the student movement becomes anti capitalist, anti racist, anti sexist and anti imperialist, it runs the risk of being hijacked. We haven’t heard what is the position of the Fees Must Fall Movement (FMF) on the regime change agenda by white capital and imperialism. Does this silence mean that the student movement is not aware of the situation? If this is so, such ignorance is dangerous to the revolutionary process. In Brazil, imperialism used students and civil society organizations to bring about regime change.

We see in South Africa that regime change agents such as Advocate Thuli Madonsela, Jay Naaido and Zwelimzima Vavi, are all trying to divide and confuse the students and seduce them to the racist “Save SA” agenda. We applaud the students for having resisted this evil agenda.

BLF commends the Black First Land First Student Movement (BLF-SM) in UKZN Howard College for gaining a seat in the SRC! Push a Sankarist leadership value system!

BLF shall support the call for a national shut down of all campuses in 2017! We say shut down until free education is declared. No more pseudo solutions! Let white capital pay!

The rise of liberal fascism of the DA

The Democratic Alliance (DA) is an anti black racist white supremacist party which has decided to use black people against themselves. It uses our real and legitimate frustrations against the ANC as a weapon of white power. It wants nothing more than black on black violence to ensure that white power is sustained.

The DA is a liberal fascist party which is involved in a program to create hatred amongst blacks. The statement by the Mayor of Johannesburg, Herman Mashaba, that Africans are criminals is not made in his voice. He is echoing the voice of his masters. He is sent by Helen Zille. They are now planning for blacks to attack other blacks instead of attacking the enemy who stole our land and wealth.

Let us be clear that the criminal and foreigner is Helen Zille. She is a beneficiary of the land theft and oppression of black people. She is a beneficiary of the genocide against the Khoi and the San. She must leave South Africa before she causes more harm. Zile and the rest of the white people haven’t paid reparations for the genocide against Africans. The khoi and San are Africans and we won’t allow her to come here and divide us.

The betrayal

As we close 2016, we put it on the historical record that the biggest betrayal of black people after the CODESA sell out was the EFF taking black peoples votes and giving it to whites so that white power can be perpetuated.

The enemy remains the white settlers

BLF has been involved in a counter narrative. London and white settler monopoly capital has been successful in manipulating blacks via their media. They have created the narrative that the problem in SA is the Guptas and Zuma. This narrative, for a while, was the only one. BLF with progressive publications, such as Black Opinion and Uncensored, has mounted a counter narrative.

In the last National Coordinating Committee (NCC) Meeting, we explained that the task of BC today is to make “visible the invisible hand of white supremacy”. We have unmasked Johann Rupert and the Oppenherimers. Today Rupert is crying tears! We are just beginning.

BLF will pursue the R26 billion stolen by white capital. We have opened a criminal case over and above the complaint we are pushing with the Public Protector. Furthermore, BLF will still press for the investigation of “State Capture” by Johann Rupert and eight others. To this end BLF has laid criminal charges as well as lodged a complaint with the Public Protector against Johann Rupert and eight others. We all know that Rupert and others have captured the Treasury by forcing the ANC to fire Des van Rooyen and hire Pravin Gordhan as Minister of Finance. That’s the real State Capture.

We are aware that Rupert and white capital are busy trying to discredit us. We say bring it on! BLF has chosed to follow Rupert, to expose him and finally to bring him down! There is no way to hide.

The Sunday Times Rich List

The white owned Sunday Times has released its so called “Rich List”. It’s a propaganda tool to turn us away from the enemy. They have carefully crafted the lie that Atul Gupta is richer than Johann Rupert. They have removed the Oppernheimers completely from the list. The whole of Sunday, social media was busy pouring out its rage against Atul. Blacks have become useful idiots for whites. No one asked the question, “where are the Oppenheimers in the list?” No one asked the question, “how come Rupert is at number 22 on that list?”

The truth of the matter is that while we were busy with the Guptas and Nkandla, the Oppenheimers and Ruperts committed the biggest crime of the removal of wealth from SA. They deflected attention away from themselves by sending their attack dogs to make noise about R6.8 billion allegedly moved by the Guptas. This lie was perpetrated by the white owned media and given credence by Pravin Gordhan with his illogical court application. They wanted us to look the other way so as to allow the real massive removal of money from SA. BLF is going to follow up and report on just how much was moved by these two evil families as their puppets kept us busy with the Guptas and Nkandla.

2017, year of taking back the land!

We propose that 2017 be declared a year of “Taking Back the Land”. As part of this campaign we must collect 1 million signatures for land! BLF shall go into our villages, townships and “squatter camps” asking only one question, “do you want Blacks to buy back our stolen land, yes or no?” We shall then take these signatures to those parliamentarians and tell them that our people want land, not long and stupid talks. This meeting must give direction on this matter.

Apart from taking back the land, another part of this campaign shall be to identify and occupy empty houses in the white suburbs. We can’t be homeless when there are empty houses.

Black Vision 2020!

When we leave here on the 16th, we shall have crafted a plan for our liberation. How do we realize the Black Agenda? The Black Vision 2020 is the implementation arm of the Black Agenda which shall in turn guide BLF between now and 2020. This plan shall also give direction about the 2019 general elections. Our movement is the only force for black liberation in Azania. Our views have to be heard in all the corridors of power.

We plan to use the votes from our people to effect radical change. However, we shall not wait for elections to act. We shall challenge white power every day. Also, we shall be intensifying the land occupation campaign. To this end, BLF shall identify fertile, in use land currently held by whites and plan occupations there. We don’t want land just for mekhukhu. We want all our land!

The Black Vision 2020 must help us build a gigantic pro black Sankarist movement. Our movement must not pay lip service to the woman question. Sankara teaches us that the liberation of society is dependant on the liberation of women. Our movement must be women friendly and women led. We need black women to lead and to be visible in our movement. This meeting must come up with concrete ways to realize this!

We want all rounders – cadres who know how to mobilise the ground but are also capable of defending the movement politically. We want cadres who can plant food, but who are also excellent with propagating our ideas via twitter! We want comrades who can take commands but also know how to question and to never stop raising questions. Don’t questions only others, question also your own leaders in BLF. We know its uncomfortable and we as leadership don’t like to be questioned. But questioning is the only way to build a revolutionary movement.

I declare this First National Strategic Planning Meeting now open.

I thank you!

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