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How DA captured state owned enterprises for white capital 

By BO Staff Writer

The Democratic Alliance (DA) can close the year with a big bash – it has served its constituency very well in 2016. Having laid siege on strategic state owned enterprises (SOEs) to capture them for white capital, it can now claim the scalp of the SABC, having left Eskom, SARS, the NPA, HAWKS and SAA mortally wounded. 

The modus operandi of the DA is simple but effective. It basically starts by identifying a strategic SOE for capture by white capital, then initiates an assault on its board and progressive executives using a three-pronged attack:

1. The white owned media to humiliate, villify and cast aspersions.
2. Sustained high court applications which are tantamount to abuse of the judiciary.
3. Ganging up with opposition parties and some ANC anti-Zuma, pro-regime change MPs in parliament.

In all these attacks the DA provides leadership while other opposition parties merely follow and the media provides a constant justification and encouragement by praising the siege for capture of SOEs for white capital guised as a crusade for “clean and good governance”. In this way, overcooked, so-called corruption “exposes” are ran with great energy. 

In terms of the DA’s now well-oiled strategy, once the propaganda war has been initiated by the white owned media, court applications follow. During the tenure of Advocate Thuli Madonsela as public protector, her office was used to provide the initial seed to initiate the legal assault through the court system. It is instructive that white corruption has been totally exonerated and ignored by Adv Madonsela such as the Ciex investigation that shows that white capital, including Johann Rupert, have stolen R26 billion from the South African Reserve Bank (SARB). 

The assault on the SOEs is personalized. Those board members or executives who are seen as stumbling blocks are accused of corruption and of being captured by the Guptas. This is an effective narrative to discredit and weaken them so as to break down any defences. No one can defend themselves against media campaigns. These media campaigns are so effective that they even shape public opinion and influence the judiciary. Judges are human beings and if they are white or crave public approval they are likely to go with the popular view, more so if that view is couched as a crusade for good governance.

We have seen the singling out for villification of executives and board members seen as stumbling blocks against SOE capture by white capital such Dr Ngubane and Brian Molefe at Eskom, Dudu Myeni at SAA, Tom Moyane at SARS, Berning Ntlemeza at Hawks and Hlaudi Motsoeneng at the SABC.

Motsoeneng, for example, is seen as an impediment to the capture of the SABC by white capital. The current haemorrhaging of the board of the SABC was first orchestrated through the assault by Adv Madonsela based on complainants by the DA and white-led foreign funded NGOs. They want the SABC back not just for looting but to have monopoly over the manufacturing of national narratives and perspectives. Right now, only the SABC is not captured by white monopoly capital – all other media are captured. The DA and the opposition parties it leads have tasted blood and will now press on for an SABC board which is pro-white capital and for regime change.

A captured SABC board would show its allegiance to white monopoly capital by removing Motsoeneng and once again open up the SABC as a propaganda organ of white monopoly capital as was under apartheid. It will then be called “balanced” and “independent”. The DA will capture SABC with the help of the regime change elements in the ANC parliamentary caucus who crave nothing more than white acceptance and praise. 

The capture of the SABC by white capital is not empty speculation. The DA knows how to use blacks against themselves under the pretext of fighting corruption. That is how the DA has managed to get the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) to give it political power in the metros. With the help of most opposition parties and the ANC MPs who want regime change, the DA will now reclaim Auckland Park. After the capture of the SABC attention is likely to be turned towards the office of the Commissioner of Police. The report on the suitability of Riah Phiyega to hold office is now with the president. The DA understands that the recommendations will likely go against Phiyega. In that instance the most legible person to take over is Khomotso Phahlane who is currently acting in that position and has proven to be efficient as attested to by independent bodies monitoring crime fighting. The problem is that Phahlane is not for regime change and as such, the DA wants him out.

Having anticipated the outcomes on the Phiyega investigation the DA have started a campaign to discredit Phahlane. It would seem that in their assault on the integrity of Phahlane to rule him out for the position of police commissioner the DA has relied on their old friend, the Irishman Paul O’Sullivan. He laid bogus criminal charges against Phahlane which are now being revived through the help of Robert McBride who the DA wants for the position of police commissioner because they believe he is sufficiently anti-Zuma and can therefore be used in the regime change wars.

The year 2017 may also see renewed attacks on the new public protector. Using the media, the DA and opposition parties it leads would use their three-pronged assault strategy. The initial attack will be calculated to convert her into a regime change agent. Failure of which will lead to the siege on the office of the public protector. The DA wants that office back under its control.

2016 was a good year for regime change and state capture for white capital by the DA. Their political ascendance to power in Joburg and Tshwane metros has confirmed that its strategy works. Having the EFF on its side was a big boost for the DA’s campaign to serve white capital.  The DA now has a good layer of ANC MPs on its side and shall use them to good effect and exploit the factional battles in the elective conference of the ANC.

The DA is a racist anti-black party of white monopoly capital but one thing it’s good at is using blacks to advance its agenda. 2017 is not going to be any different.

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