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BLF’s student movement says it stands with Bonginkosi Khanyile

Media Statement

The fight for free decolonised education has seen Comrade Bonginkosi Khanyile spend over 80 days in prison, and today’s ruling that denied him bail, will see him continue to languish in an anti-black institution at a time when he should be with loved ones.

We reject the position taken by the judiciary that views him as a threat to society. Bonginkosi is a threat to the white system of oppression, most notably the anti-black colonial education system that renders all black people outcasts to systems of knowledge production.

Black First Land First Student Movement (BLF-SM) notes the heavy handed position President Jacob Zuma has taken in relation to the Fees Must Fall movement. It notes that President Zuma’s legitimate fears of regime change has now manifested itself in how he instructs the judiciary to deal with Fees Must Fall activists.

BLF-SM rejects this position as reactionary and anti-black, which further feeds into the imperialist agenda of separating the black majority so as to institute regime change that serves colonial interests.

BLF-SM says to President Zuma, the Fees Must Fall movement is not for reshuffling of colonial managers but is a decolonial project that wants Free Decolonised Education and the return of land! It’s time that President Zuma puts black people first!

BLF-SM also admonishes the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) for its role in regime change, and therefore its role in creating this paranoia of the Fees Must Fall movement. BLF-SM says it’s time for “Peace Amongst Blacks”. To this end, BLF-SM demands that the same attention the EFF leadership gave to the regime change agent Mcebo Dlamini, it must now give to Bonginkosi Khanyile. The EFF must reject regime change and equally mobilize its membership to demand the release of Bonginkosi Khanyile NOW!

BLF-SM further calls on the black majority, and critically the Fees Must Fall community, to come together under the guiding principles of #PeaceAmongstBlacks and
#WarAgainstTheEnemy and in this regard declare no academic year until the following demands are met:

1. Free Decolonised Education Now!
2. Insourcing of all workers at a living wage!
3. The release of Bonginkosi Khanyile and the dropping of all charges against those who fight for a Decolonised education in a Decolonised society.
4. The return of all dismissed workers as well as all suspended, expelled, interdicted and excluded students!

BLF has declared 2017 the year of taking back the land! To this end, BLF-SM says, let’s take back the land for free Decolonised education now!

Issued by Black First Land First, National Secretariat for Student Affairs

22 December 2016

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