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Black First Land First says hands off ANN7!

Media Statement

We know that the mainstream media in South Africa (SA) is neither free nor independent. Media in SA is white owned and drives a white agenda which is anti black. The SA media and all its agencies believe in media freedom for the white agenda. Anyone presenting an alternative view to the mandated defence of white power is not considered as being a part of the media and therefore doesn’t enjoy the protection of civil society and the media freedom watch dogs, the Freedom of Expression Institute (FXI) and the Right2Know Campaign.

Civil society in SA is by and large white controlled and white owned. The white owned media and white controlled foreign funded civil society share the same white agenda. The silence of these so called defenders of media freedom, on the attack on the said media freedom by white capital and its agents is not surprising at all. There is continued silence on the assault on media freedom and editorial autonomy suffered by the former editor of “The Citizen”, Steven Motale. None of the defenders of media freedom spoke up. To this end, the Right2Know Campaign issued a belated half hearted statement out of sheer embarrassment instead of principle.

We see the same silence prevailing regarding the media freedom attack launched by the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) against an ANN7 (Africa News Network) journalist on Thursday, 22 December 2016.  The EFF supports white owned media such as ENCA (owned by Johann Rupert) but rejects and attacks ANN7, a black owned media network. In return the white ownd media never asks any questions of the many shady dealings of the EFF such as the secret meetings it held with agents of imperialism like Lord Robin Renwick.

The attack on the ANN7  journalist by EFF must be seen within the larger context of supporting white monopoly capital in its battles with the Gupta family. White capital wants monopoly over the economy and the media so as to control the national discource and narrative. White media wants to control the minds of black people so that it can continue to loot with impunity. ANN7 has been providing a counter narrative. The attack on ANN7 is part of the strategy to silence all other views except those who support white power.

BLF calls on all people and institutions with a sense of justice and those who value the freedom of the media to stand up and condemn the attack on the ANN7 journalist. Furthermore BLF calls on the leadership of EFF to show leadership and publicly condemn the attack on the ANN7 journalist and commit to media freedom.

BLF wishes to warn everyone that an opportunistic adherence to media freedom is a recipe for the development of fascism. Todayyou may be happy that they (forces of fascism) are attacking journalists of a rival media. But you should know, the next time it Will be you that they will attack. Fascism grows when principles are abandoned for expediency.

We also call on EFF to refrain from being so quick to attack fellow blacks. This is counter productive and only servers the white agenda.

BLF is committed to defending media freedom irrespective of the views it espouses. Only the truth should be the final arbiter. We call on EFF to let ANN7 do its work in peace and to enrich the public discourse. We can’t be fed the same stale diet of the Rupert owned media.

Issued by the National Coordinating Committee, Black First Land First

23 December 2016

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