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Malema the Father Christmas of Seshego

By BO Staff Writer

Julius Malema is a master manipulator of the media for his own gain. On Christmas day he managed yet again to get a nice scoop as the white owned media happily projected him as a caring politician who spent Christmas with “the poorest of the poor“. Malema organized a Christmas event in his home town in Seshego were “hundreds of children” came to “enjoy Christmas” with him.

Speaking about his quests Malema said, “many of them came from poverty stricken backgrounds, many of them have never experienced a good Christmas.” So like Santa Claus, the Father Christmas who dispenses gifts on Christmas day, Malema too makes the children happy. He said,
“we thought it was important that we celebrate with the poorest of the poor. Make it a Christmas to remember.”

Every Christmas, adults use the ruse of Father Christmas to trick children into happiness. It’s a trick based on lies. There is no Father Christmas and soon children grow to discover this lie. It’s a matter of time before the poor children of Seshego discover the truth about their Father Christmas, Malema, too. They will soon know that in fact the Seshego Father Christmas is using them for his own political career. The more brighter children will put one plus one together and ask why is their Father Christmas spending 355 days with white monopoly capital,  which is the source of their poverty, and only loving them one day of the year?

Throwing crumbs at the poor once in a while is the favourite pass time of politicians. Malema has become a master manipulater of the poor in order to score political points. The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader forgot to tell his young guests the truth about the source of their poverty. He didn’t burden them with the fact that their poverty is not God-created but rather an outcome of oppression by whites who stole their land. He didn’t have to explain the conundrum of how his party had given power in the metropolitan cities to the same whites who are responsible for black poverty. Instead he put the responsibility of getting out of poverty on the children themselves. He said they must go to school and respect their parents as if these are remedies for the structural exclusion of Blacks from the economic mainstream by white settler monopoly capital.

What Malema and other politicians demonstrate with their “strategic love” of the poor is that poverty makes politicians look good. It’s the old story of kissing snotty children for the cameras during elections and rushing back home to take a long bath and dine with the very same people who are responsible for the poverty of the children kissed for the media.

Giving to the poor is always political expediency. It’s part of what is called ‘poverty pornography’ – using the poor for one’s own gain. The Christian faith has long declared this type of “giving” to the poor as sinful. This lining up of the poor and then calling the media as one gives them bread once a year. We read in Matthew 6:2 that “[s]o when you give to the needy, do not announce it with trumpets, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and on the streets, to be honored by others.”

Christmas celebrations by political parties has shown us that poverty is good for politicians, little wonder they have done nothing to end it. The only real salvation is when the children grow to know that Father Christmas is a lie.

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