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COSAS says no to “VIP sections” at ANC January 8 statement

Media Statement

The following media statement was issued by the Congress of South African Students (COSAS) Johannesburg Region. COSAS is an ANC affiliated student oorganisation.

As COSAS [Congress of South African Students] in Greater Johannesburg we would like to advice ANC [African National Congress] leaders to stay away from VIP sections at the January 8 statement.

ANC must always be on the ground engaging with its people to find solutions on how to fix this decline in numbers.

As people we did not elect celebrities who will be in fancy suites, but we elected leaders who should be with people all the time.

We cannot allow a situation were we create a class within a class. Especially at a time where we lost key metros. We must instill confidence in the people whom are supposed to vote for us come 2019 and beyond.

We also warn speakers against using the platform that will be given to them to speak as a way of advancing their factional interests towards the succession debate.

We want to remind our PYA sister organisations that theirs is not to pronounce who must lead and who must not but theirs is to champion for the interests of young people. We must as PYA be as neutral as possible because we will be forced to work with whoever who will be elected to lead ANC and to continue lobbying young people behind whoever will be mandated with the task to lead ANC.

As COSAS Greater Joburg 13th REC we take this opportunity to reject any VIP accreditions and we refuse to pronounce anyone and we lobby our leaders to the same.

We are leaders of young people not VIP’s. We refuse to be led by elites who parade as communists while they are actually capitalists.

This is just a child to parent and a brother to brother advice and anyone who is politically inclined and conscious enough will recieve it as such.

Issued by

Penuel Maduna
Regional Chairperson of COSAS Joburg Region

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