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Did Malema buy or expropriate a farm?

By BO Staff Writer

Social media was abuzz this week after a picture of the Economic Freedom Fighter’s (EFF) Commander in Chief (CiC) Julius Malema standing amongst livestock wearing gumboots, a red t-shirt and a farmer’s hat was circulated. The question posed by many was whether Malema had bought the farm or had he “expropriated it without compensation” as the EFF’s 1st cardinal pillar says? Many on social media accused Malema of being a hypocrite who, in front of television cameras preaches land occupation but then goes and buys land instead of occupying it.

Some of Malema’s followers expressed disappointment in their CiC for speaking black but acting white while the usual critics of Malema came out to say there was nothing new in the hypocrisy of Malema. Many said Malema doesn’t believe in land occupation and expropriation, he just says it to get the landless to vote for his party and then ironically takes their votes and gives them to the same whites who have stolen the land of black people. Some went further to say it’s not the first time Malema went against his own rhetoric on land. They say when he was the leader of the ANC Youth League, he advocated for the adoption of the policy on land expropriation but afterwards went and bought himself a farm.

Malema naturally had some defenders. These people speculated that it could be land at his home town in Seshego, Limpopo, but those who know say the yards of Seshego are too small to keep that many sheep.

Since posting the picture Malema has not said anything more, leaving both supporters and detractors in the dark and left to speculate whether Johann Rupert or Lord Robin Renwick had donated the land or money to buy the land as a thank you to Malema for giving whites political power in the Johannesburg, Tshwane and Nelson Mandela Bay metropolitan cities.


It looks like Malema has gone against his rhetoric on land expropriation and affirmed the “willing buyer – willing seller” policy of the African National Congress (ANC) which says black people must buy back their land which was stolen by whites. Malema is a known master of deception and that’s why many speculate about his actions and motives.

The question remains, has he bought land or has expropriated it without compensation?

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