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Open letter to Julius Malema regarding Absa – Lufuno Gogoro

By Lufuno Gogoro

Dear Julius Malema 

Allow me to say Ishe. 

I’m aware that writing to you might land me with another charge with the police since you did it the last time I spoke to you and I ended up with a corruption charge. But nevertheless, I’ll use the public domain to address you.

Remember when we approached you to lead us, the idea was to fight white monopoly capital. I remember when we were in your house in Sandton, which is in the same street or may I say a few meters away from Kenny Kunene’s house, you spoke profusely and profoundly against white monopoly capital and how the banks are used to trap potential leaders because the white powers will rest at nothing until they deal with whoever threatens their profits and so forth.

You were very jovial and confident that finally the time to confront the white thieves had arrived in order to prepare a better life for our people. You were very keen not to succumb to the power of money and to those who will do anything to defend and cover-up the crimes they have committed over many years. 

It has become very evident that your silence on the ABSA Apartheid “lifeboats” from the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) is very loud and deafening. I mean, it has now become evident once again that we were correct to say that you’ve been compromised since you went to London to meet with the white superpowers together with Lord Robin Renwick. You seemed too happy to finally have made it to the sell out books of history. 

Sometime ago, namely in 2015, you announced that your party, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), would occupy ABSA. It made headlines and members and non-members of the EFF were happy that finally there was an action that would be taken against a financial institution which has over the years supported the murders and segregation of black people. ABSA supported Apartheid and to this end crimes against humanity. Crimes against, in particular, black people. 

You know Mokone, once the state manages to get ABSA to pay back the R2.3 billion it owes to SARB, it will mean that you’ve failed in your mandate to defend the interests of white people, since you’ve become their puppet like Thuli Madonsela.

You laughed and tried very hard to scorn Black First Land First (BLF) when they occupied the Public Protectors office to get it to investigate the R26 billion which was stolen during apartheid by your new friends from the public coffers. You didn’t know that soon BLF would succeed in making sure that the office of the Public Protector announces the crimes which these  corrupt institutions have committed and/or unduly benefitted from. You made a lot of noise to force President Zuma to pay back the Nkandla money, yet you turn a blind eye to the huge amount of money which is owed to us by ABSA. 

But I believe you can still join the masses and demand that ABSA pays back the money. The same oomph and zeal you showed towards Zuma can still be utilized. We need all of us to join hands to recover the money which can be used to fund education.  

I hope we will soon see you going to ABSA and occupying it.

Your Black Brother in the true struggle for total emancipation for black people.


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