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State capture, BRICS & ABSA 

By BO Staff Writer

Notes on the lecture delivered by Andile Mngxitama on the above topic at a meeting hosted by the African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL) at Zone 13 in Alexandra on 2 February 2017

State capture

State capture took place via land theft by the white settlers who arrived in this country in 1652. The state was not transformed by the 1994 moment – it remains in the hands of white capital.  The best elaboration of the state is indicated by Vladimir Lenin (following Karl Marx ofcourse) in the book “The State and Revolution”. The idea of the separation of powers is a fiction.  Essentially the state is the National Executive Committee of the ruling class.

There are two reasons why white capital led by the Oppenheimers, Johann Rupert and supported by opposition parties like the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and London agents like Cyril Ramaphosa and Pravin Gordhan, want President Zuma gone, namely:

1) It is in furtherance of the anti-BRICS western imperialist agenda. All the countries that are part of BRICS block have come under imperialist onslaught. To this end we have seen how the same imperialist forces have successfully removed a democratically appointed President of Brazil through media manipulation and corruption and subsequently replaced her with a puppet of its choice. Evidently, the same regime change agenda is planned for execution in South Africa. To this end the calls for regime change are part of the anti BRICS imperialist agenda.

2) It is because Zuma has threatened the interests of white monopoly capital in his promotion of black business in a key sector of the economy as well as in the Treasury by appointing a Minister of Finance in December 2015 who was not captured by white capital. In the latter respect, President Zuma appointed a Minister of Finance without first consulting white capital. This has deeply concerned white capital who found his conduct to be shockingly inappropriate. The response of white capital was to attack the rand and compel President Zuma to reverse his decision and appoint Pravin Gordhan instead. Whites wanted a Minister of Finance who will allow them to continue stealing billions from the Treasury.  Hence their concern that a minister who they have no control over – and by extension who they have not captured – will expose their looting of Treasury including their theft of R26 billion from the South African Reserve Bank (SARB). Gordhan must go. He has shares in all the capitalist institutions that forced President Zuma to appoint him as Minister of Finance. We want a Minister of Finance who is not beholden to white capital. White capital wants its own President for South Africa who will appoint pro white capital ministers. Hence its campaign to remove the President.

The World Bank (WB) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) have been historically used by western imperialism as tools of maintaining its hegemony. It is now threatened by the emergence of the BRICS block and the consequent BRICS Development Bank as the latter offers countries freedom from the stranglehold of the WB and IMF. Our engagement regarding the BRICS process indicates that we are no longer a colony insofar as being controlled by the IMF and the WB is concerned. It also suggests that there’s now a chance to run our own economy and to put in our own infrastructure etc via the BRICS Bank.

This move by President Zuma to take the country away from the International Criminal Court (ICC) has further angered white capital and we’ve witnessed how it  has since intensified.

BLF has via its campaign #HandsOffZumaEconomicLiberationNow! called on the people to defend the country’s national sovereignty via a radical minimum program of demands including the return of land. To this end the best form defence is  attack. In the context of the imperialist onslaught on the country, the ANC must use the nominal power it achieved in 1994 to deliver economic freedom now through giving the people the demands of the above campaign.

Listen to the full discussion below:

White supremacy is the main contradiction. It finds expression in the operation of white monopoly capital. 1994 did not give us freedom. Our situation will continue until the main contradiction is resolved. White supremacy can only truly defeated if we practice the principle of “peace amongst blacks, war to the enemy”. White supremacy has consistently created a layer between ourselves and it so as to keep us busy fighting with  our own people instead of directing the fight against the real enemy. We must go directly for the enemy and defeat it by practicing the above principle. Unless we do this, we will remain fragmented and landless.


A report which was commissioned and paid for by the government and which showed, amongst other things, that R26 billion was stolen from the Reserve Bank, was put under the table by former President, Thabo Mbeki. Mbeki who was previously complaining about how black corruption is being focused on while white corruption is being ignored had commissioned CIEX to investigate apartheid era corruption and other economic crimes with the intention of exposing the looting with impunity by white capital. It is therefore concerning why Mbeki after receiving the CIEX report which provided him with the necessary evidence to proceed against the relevant white capitalist criminals, chose instead to cover up the relevant crimes by doing nothing to recover the stolen billions. The theory is that Mbeki was bought by white capitalists, like aJohann Rupert, not to expose them in this regard.

2017, year of taking back the land and making ABSA pay back the money!

Whites have everything, blacks have nothing. Whites are on the top, blacks are at the bottom of society. Without land we are nothing. This year, 2017, is about 2 things that we must realize:

1. It is the year of “Taking Back the Land” without paying for it. To this end white owned, used, productive land must be identified and occupied. Land occupations must involve a process of educating our people on a new way of life that serves their interests. We must not occupy municipal land. It will just lead to the creation of more townships, thus perpetuating the same racist land ownership patterns in the country. Real freedom is about land return to blacks. The land includes everything on, above and beneath it – the skies above, the mineral wealth beneath, the property on it etc.

2. It is also the year of making ABSA pay back R3.2 billion, which is a portion of the R26 billion, that it had criminally benefited from as a result of certain “lifeboats” from SARB. The mass actions taken by the ANCYL against ABSA thus far is commendable. BLF supports the efforts of the organization in this regard.

On 28 January 2017, BLF successfully held nationwide pickets at 50 ABSA outlets. This fight must be intensified. We must not leave ABSA in peace. It must feel our presence at all times until it pays. The next action of BLF is planned for February 17 to SARB in Tshwane and to this end BLF invites the ANCYL to join forces with it against ABSA. The South African Reserve Bank has done nothing to protect the national assets stolen by white capital and it continues to defend white capital. The purpose of the march will be to pressurize SARB to force ABSA to pay.

We further take cognizance of the fact that 2017 is the year of honoring three great revolutionary legacies, namely:

1. The great 1917 Russian Revolution led by Vladimir Lenin from which BLF takes revolutionary lessons.

2. Thomas Sankara and the lessons of the Burkanabe Revolution. It is now 30 years since his death.

3. Steve Biko and the heritage of black consciousness. It’s been 40 years since his death.

Time to act now

On the assertion that the ANC was forced by the mighty apartheid regime to compromise to the extent that it did because the balance of forces both objectively and subjectively didn’t favour a better deal, the question is: since the ANC has received nominal power which has enabled it to gain control of the Defence Force, the police, and other strategic institutions of the state, what has stopped it from going back and finishing what it couldn’t do in 1994? While retreating to regather and build the revolutionary forces may have been a good tactical position to take because the enemy was stronger, we cannot continue to remain in a defensive retreat mode for 23 years on. It’s time to act. We must act now. And now the conditions favour us to get on the offensive and take back what is ours.

Andile Mngxitama is the National Convener of Black First Land First

3 thoughts on “State capture, BRICS & ABSA 

  1. I think the fight for economic empowerment must start by nationalisation of the SARB. It is not normal and fair for the big four banks to be shareholders in SARB which in turn is a regulator of the finance industry. It goes without saying that any moves aimed at empowering blacks will be blocked by the big four through their shareholding in SARB. The same people who control our economy such as Rupert et al, are also shareholders in the big four banks. This makes them regulators of the finance industry via heir control of the big four banks.how can they allow a black bank to be established and compete with them? They can’t. They regulate competition and that is unfair business practice. How can competitors regulate competition in their industry? I believe addressing this anomaly will be the first real step towards real black economic empowerment progress. While l know that there are many hindrances to black economic empowerment l believe this is the most crucial and critical. Nationalise the SARB now!

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