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Justice Malala unashamedly protects white capital

By Tlhabanyane Mogomotsi

It is quite amusing how some ‘lost Blacks’ get excited some days. Their excitement ends up leading them to, for the sake of being noticed and on the side of those who are ‘pro-development’, a conscious-unconscious defense of white monopoly capital (WMC).

Colonialism has done a great job in positioning the minds of Black people against themselves, but for the sustenance of white men (capitalism as a function of white supremacy). This results in Black people never defending their own against the plot of white monopoly capitalists and their political and commercial organisations. It seems to be an elephant crime to do such. This is evident in an article which was recently written by talkshow host and so-called political commentator, Justice Malala titled “The truth behind the ‘white monopoly capital’ propaganda assaults” which was published by Business Day’s online platform, BusinessLive, on the 23rd of Jan 2017, Julius Malema’s ridiculing of the “ABSA must pay” campaign by the Black First Land First (BLF) Movement and the silence of the likes of Sipho Pityana on the ABSA saga.

On Malala, it comes as no surprise seeing him on an attack mode, directing his desperate midget-punches to the so-called Gupta defendants.

Malala believes that the capturing of the state in 1652 by whites, regardless of the mountainous evidence available, is not the “real scandal”. He believes it is propaganda launched to purposefully deflect from the “real scandal”, which is the Gupta family and Jacob Zuma’s corruption. He believes, the fact that whites are still economically owning and controlling South Africa is a deflectionary propaganda and an attempt to “manufacture an outrage” against “non-existent-WMC [white monopoly capital]”, by BLF and others.

Malala also implies that the manner in which the problem is dealt with is problematic and diversionary as it places the Rupert family, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and the Americans as the faces of corruption instead of Zuma and the Guptas. How mentally bankrupt does one need to be in order to espouse such idiotic and pro-white monopoly capital ideas such as this? Malala defends without hesitations the economic grip of whites in SA and he is consciously-unconscious of it.

Malala, ignorantly goes on to say that those he calls the “Gupta Gang” tactically cast doubt on the credibility of the bearers of the news – the media. But, we must ask, which news is he talking about – the ones which are silent when it comes to white corruption but vuvuzela-loud on that of Blacks?

The editor of the pro-regime change publication Huffington Post South Africa, which Malala is seen also protecting in his piece, Ferial Haffajee is, and has always been, a protector and bodyguard of white capital and should be known as such.

Colonial and apartheid dirt is forever nicely dressed in the propaganda that only blacks are corrupt and must be punished (by other blacks of course).┬áIt is sad to come to the realization that Malala thinks or refers to the Guptas and Zuma as the naked emperor whom “no amount of ad hominem attacks, no amount of diversionary tactics, will cover” but does not say the same about the Ruperts, Oppenheimers, Christo Weise and other white monopoly capitalists in general.

All Black people must unite and fight white supremacy which finds expression in the economic sphere as white monopoly capital. The current government is led by corrupt people yes, and they must be condemned, as long as we know that who our primary enemy is – white supremacy! Sobukwe initially, and now BLF, are correct, we must exercise “peace amongst Blacks, war against the enemy.”

Izwe lethu!

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