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Lets get the levels right, fight the enemy

By BO Staff Writer

This is a post that appeared on the facebook timeline of Andile Mngxitama on 5 February 2017.

The first step to liberation is knowing who the enemy is. Only then can you correctly identify the main/primary contradiction that needs to be resolved and upon which all secondary contradictions are based. If you don’t understand these elements, you end up in bed with the enemy, often mistaking secondary contradictions for the primary contradiction.

The African National Congress’ (ANC’s) nominal political power is a secondary contradiction. It is controlled by and is in service of the main contradiction that is white supremacy, which in turn is a whole system of power that serves whites at the expense of blacks.

Therefore even if we defeat the ANC, that wouldn’t change the structure of white power.

We see the same compromise in a more blatant form with the London controlled pseudo-revolutionaries who surrendered political power to whites in the metros – ironically saying it’s to punish the ANC but doing so by strengthening the hand of the enemy who have oppressed blacks for more than 350 years. Here we see their failure to understand that the enemy constitutes those who are beneficiaries of colonialism and apartheid, manifest as land thieves.

Know who the enemy is, then you are on your way to real liberation. Secondary contradictions – petty corruption, petty jealousies, tribalism, etc – shall be resolved upon the resolution of the main contradiction in the economic sphere which in turn is manifested as white monopoly capital.

In this country colonialism exists and shapes neo-colonialism. It’s a unique South African problem. We have neo-colonialism (1994 compromise – secondary contradiction) alongside colonialism (1652 invasion – primary contradiction). Let’s get the levels right – then we won’t be fighting each other and we can start uniting to defeat the enemy.

Andile Mngxitama is the National Convener of Black First Land FirstĀ 

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