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Did Johann Rupert instruct Julius Malema to disrupt the SONA?

By BO Staff Writer

The planned disruption of the State of the Nation Address (SONA) for Thursday, 9 February, is alleged to be the work of white monopoly capital which has been losing ground since the leaking of the Public Protector’s report which has shown that ABSA has unlawfully benefited from the theft of billions of rands during apartheid.

A highly placed source, who asked not to be named for fear of reprisals, has revealed that white capital wants the national attention to be deflected away from the banks and Johann Rupert, and to be returned to the Guptas and President Jacob Zuma. To this end, the SONA has been identified as the point at which to start regaining lost ground.

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) had initially showed no appetite to disrupt the SONA this year but it seems white monopoly capital, in particular Rupert, was not happy with this possibility.

It must be remembered that Malema is on record asking Rupert to fund the EFF to remove President Zuma from Office. On the other hand, Rupert is on record for demanding unlawful regime change, like in Brazil, against President Zuma.

There is an undisputed common objective for regime change that binds Malema and Rupert. This bond was furthermore revealed when Rupert threatened to expose Malema during his acceptance speech on receiving a Life Time Achievement award granted by the Sunday Times.

Stellenbosch Mafia king, Johann Rupert, exposes relationship with Malema

The so-called “real state of the nation address” by the Oppenheimer shareholder and employee, Sipho Pityana, today is also part of the “fight back” strategy by white monopoly capital. Pityana has been trying to turn the national narrative against President Zuma. He has been at pains to paint President Zuma as the evil corrupt president – all this in an attempt to try and deflect attention away from the growing public sentiment that correctly points a collective finger at massive white corruption.

The white owned media is instructed to pump up Sipho Pityana and his Mickey Mouse-like antics. Pityana has become a loud mouth embarrassment even to fellow regime change agents like former Governor of the South African Reserve Bank (SARB), Tito Mboweni, who has asked him to lower his irritating irrational rants.

The Pityana and Malema tactics happen amid growing calls for ABSA to pay back the money. The two have become the most ardent and shameless defenders of white monopoly capital. The ABSA call has put white monopoly capital under extreme pressure. Once ABSA pays the money then most of white monopoly capital shall have to do the same because they all benefited from corruption. Malema has point blank refused to join calls to occupy ABSA after evidence had been revealed of the banks looting in this regard.

It must be remembered that Malema had previously said he would occupy ABSA in 2016 – but failed to do. This has driven his critics to say that after meeting Lord Renwick and being instructed by him in London to protect ABSA, Malema is now executing Renwick’s instruction.

The SONA has been identified by white monopoly capital as an arena to unleash its regime change agents with the hope of embarrassing President Zuma and returning the Guptas into public assault so as to shield white corruption.

The mobilisation of the army seems to be an unnecessary over reaction. The forces of regime change are weak in South Africa and can be handled by the ordinary police and parliamentary security personnel.

Sources indicate that the deployment of the army for the SONA must be understood within the context of regime change agent manoeuvres to instigate a coup similar to the one in Brazil which deposed a democratically elected president and replaced her with an agent of imperialism.

It remains to be seen if the shenanigans of Malema and Pityana shall be successful after all previous attempts at regime change have failed dismally in South Africa. Furthermore, South Africans are getting tired of the constant unnecessary disruptions of the SONA by, what is seen as, agents of regime change directed by Johann Rupert and Lord Robin Renwick from London.

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