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Justice For Anneline Pillay: Plea to end gender based violence! 

By BO Staff Writer

In this letter by #JusticeForAnneline – directed to the Minister of Justice and Correctional Services, Micheal Masutha, the Minister in the Presidency responsible for Women, Susan Shabangu, and to the Chief Magistrate Durban TC Mabaso – justice is sought for Anneline Pillay who was killed by her ex-boyfriend late last year. Moreover direct action is called for from the government and the judicial system to put mechanisms in place to meaningfully address and end gender based violence. 

Dear Mr Tshililo Michael Masutha, Ms Susan Shabangu and Mr TC Mabaso


Anneline Pillay, from Unit 7, Chatsworth was brutally murdered by her ex-boyfriend Tyrone Pillay on 29 November 2016. Tyrone Pillay drove to her place of work, shot her dead and then drove off from the scene. She was only 27 years old – a young woman on the threshold of her life.

Tyrone, who is currently detained at Westville Prison’s awaiting-trial section, will be appearing and applying to be released on bail on 9 February 2017 at the Durban Magistrates Court. He was captured on video committing the crime and consequently confessed. We call on the court not to release him on bail and to prosecute him to the full extent of the law. Also upon conviction he should be appropriately sentenced. He is a danger to society.

Anneline’s death puts the spotlight on the violence against women that is plaguing our communities.This situation needs urgent redress and to this end government’s intervention as well as that of the judicial system is key.

Statistics reveal that in South Africa on a yearly basis, over a thousand women are murdered by their partners and a million are raped in communities that are already characterized by violence in general. We view this petition to get justice for Anneline as part of the bigger struggle that has been waged by all progressive organisations, individuals and other role players against gender based violence. We echo their demands to totally eradicate gender based violence and to this end put in place appropriate mechanisms. This is a plea to our government to take the issue of addressing gender-based violence seriously.

In this regard we call for government to develop and implement a meaningful plan which includes gender education from pre-school to tertiary level of education that is anti-sexist and anti-patriarchal and which outlaws all practices that are oppressive to women.

We also call on the Minister of Women, Ms Susan Shabangu, to take the resolution of the problem of gender based violence seriously. We need to remind the Minister that there can be no true liberation of society without the liberation of women – hence the burden of her ministry is a heavy one indeed with our communities being plagued with violence in general and gender based violence in particular.  We also understand that plans to develop a national strategy to eradicate gender based violence have been suspended by Government and to this end the National Council on Gender Based Violence has been halted with no clarity regarding the way forward on what is to be done to address this problem in the country. This situation cannot continue.

We ask for radical transformation regarding policy development and implementation with clear targets towards realizing the objective of eradicating gender based violence. The petition is intended to therefore serve to get justice for Anneline as well as to pressurize government and the judicial system to address the problem of gender based violence with the urgency it deserves.

We plead for justice for the loss of Anneline’s life that was brutally stolen from us. Tyrone must face the full might of the law. Moreover we plead for direct action from government and the judicial system to do all that is necessary to meaningfully address and end gender based violence. It must be done! Its the right thing to do!



Read the full petition here: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/115/537/397/justice-for-anneline-pillay-no-bail-for-tyrone-pillay/

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