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Ingoma Yomzabalazo: Song as Struggle and Resistance Caucus

By BO Staff Writer

The Black Thought Symposium is a collective of young, black musicians, writers, academics who come together to curate, discuss and think through questions of Black (non)existence, lived reality and ways in which the arts can aid in thinking critically. The collective was originally launched at Wits University in 2014, and has grown since then.

Black Thought is hosting a series of events in Cape Town this week. See details of this project below:

The Song As Struggle and Resistance Caucus is a Black Thought Symposium initiative which seeks to find ways to speak about what song means to black people in the struggle and how it can or has been used as a method of resistance.

The caucus is interested in creating a dialogue between artists on the role of black acoustic practices in the struggle. This is to say, the caucus wants to create a community of practitioners who will interpret, archive and convey struggle songs in the black experience. At its core, the caucus seeks to find ways and vocabularies to stress the vitality of art negre in the de-colonial project.

The collaboration will take the form of three day events around Cape Town. The events will be hosted in universities and townships such that we are able to reach and accommodate as many people as we can in the dialogue.


16 February 2017

Symposium: Reflections on the Bana(abi)lity of Song in Struggle

Venue: Stellenbosch University

Time: 14h30

Description: The symposium will be separated in two parts. The first part will be feedback by Black Thought Symposium on the discussion on the bana(abi)lity of song. The feedback will include readings of some of the ideas that were presented at the symposium. The second part will be a conversation on how we can think more critically about songs and their animative power in the struggle.

16 February 2017

Visit: Conversation and Performances at the PASS on ‘Song as Struggle and Resistance’

Venue: Pan-African Space Station

Time: 19h30

17 February 2017

Township Tour: Busking and Improvisation

Venue: Khayelitsha Kuyasa Stalls (Near Clinic)

Time: 16h00

Description: The purpose of this tour is to try and get a feel of what people who are not necessarily located in the university space think about struggle. We will go to specific locations in the township and have performances that will be followed by a conversation between the artists and the audience.

For more information, contact Mbe Mbhele on 073 3881677.

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