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BREAKING NEWS: Will Pravin Gordhan fire Dudu Myeni today?

By BO Staff Writer

A highly placed source within the South African Airways (SAA) airline has revealed that the Minister of Finance, Pravin Gordhan, will finally fire the Chairperson of the SAA Board, Dudu Myeni, at a board meeting expected to be held today.

Gordhan is fed up with Myeni who has been frustrating his plan to sell SAA to white capital. Once Myeni is removed, it is said SAA will rapidly be sold to both national and international white monopoly capital.

The urgency of Myeni’s removal seems to be part of Gordhan’s strategy to preempt his possible reshuffling from his current position by President Jacob Zuma.

Gordhan is said to have decided to act on his mandate to hand over the State Owned Entities (SOEs) to white capital. After the selling off of SAA, Gordhan will turn to Eskom using the same strategy of removing the Board Chairperson, Dr Ben Ngubane, and then selling Eskom to white monopoly capital under the pretext of “rescuing” the entity.

Gordhan has brought in two companies from the United States of America (USA) with a mandate to sell SAA. One of the USA consulting firms currently doing “consultancy” work at SAA is Bain and Company – the same consulting firm which has created the current crises in SAA.

Pravin Gordhan brings back man who destroyed SAA

The black consciousness movement, Black First Land First (BLF), led by Andile Mngxitama, has asked the president to set up a Judicial Commission of Inquiry on these activities by Gordhan which borders on illegality.

All eyes will be at the outcomes of the SAA board meeting today, which is expected to be attended by Gordhan.

Sources say Gordhan is moving fast to parcel out SOEs to white capital. Gordhan was appointed on the insistence of white capital in December 2015, and now he’s in a hurry to serve it just in case he is removed as Minister of Finance.

In the next few weeks Gordhan is going to be militant in serving white monopoly capital. His aim is to make the protection of SOEs almost impossible.

Will Dudu Myeni survive? This is what stakeholders are asking. Myeni is seen as the real defender of SAA against the aggressive plans by Gordhan to give the strategic SOEs to white capital.


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