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On the current Afrophobia in SA: #PeaceAmongstBlacks!

By Ncamisile Sibiya

This past week sees a spate of attacks by Black South Africans against their Black Brothers and Sisters from across the continent. Afrikan is fighting Afrikan for crumbs of the economic pie.

Government officials and so-called intellectuals tell us that this is a symptom of a clash of cultures, but those who are not afraid of the truth know that poverty is the root cause of these violent attacks, that have been conviently packaged as “xenophobia”.

The reality is that Afrikan people are victims of centuries of violence. This violence has taken the form of land dispossession, slavery and now the violence of living within a white dominated, anti-Black economic system.

This economic system is based on the poverty of the Black people of the world, and as such, is innately violent.

[This economic system] is violent against Life. It is violent against Humanity. It manifests itself violently and calls upon its victims to adopt violence as a means of survival. Those who refuse to acknowledge this are complicit in the perpetuation of this violence.

The time has come for Afrikans from across the continent and the world to decide whether we are content to live in this violent environment, or whether we are ready to take our collective destiny unto our own hands.

Our current degradation is based upon the colour of our skin, our Blackness, and it is on the basis of our Blackness that we can build the foundations of our liberation.

We have the tools. Are we willing to do the work?

This article was originally published on Ncamisile Sibiya’s blog.

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