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EFF motion to defend land thieves?

By BO Staff Writer

The planned motion today by the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) in parliament is a ploy to defend land thieves. According to sources close to the leadership of EFF, the party has been rendered irrelevant by President Jacob Zuma’s radical posture in his call for “land expropriation without compensation”.

Reliable sources say the EFF has been advised by its handlers to move a motion in parliament to debate the matter with the hope to regain the lost strategic initiative on land. EFF is not interested in land expropriation without compensation because it would harm its backers who have endorsed it since its leaders were in London in 2015.

However, it uses the rhetoric of “land expropriation without compensation” as a vote catcher.

The move by President Zuma to declare land expropriation without compensation as the key policy that must underpin the Expropriation Bill, which he referred back to parliament, means this policy could now became real – which has caused panic within the circles of white monopoly capital. EFF is seen by white capital as one of its best defenders, together with the SACP and the Pravin Gordhan faction, which includes the ANC Chief Whip Jackson Mthembu.

EFF has been quiet since Zuma made the announcement last week Friday. EFF is under pressure to endorse the call by President Zuma.

EFF mum on President Jacob Zuma’s expropriation without compensation comments

The party is in a dilemma; if it endorses Zuma’s call then it will offend its backers. If it doesn’t, it would be exposed as defender of white monopoly capital. The solution its handlers have come up with is that EFF must instead call for a debate in parliament. In this way it can say it called for a debate and the ANC rejected it. The EFF is desperate to get off endorsing the call by Zuma.

The plan is that the pro-white monopoly capital MPs of the ANC, led by the Chief Whip Jackson Mthembu, will provide cover for EFF by rejecting the motion from the EFF. The EFF handlers believe that’s the only way the strategic initiative would be returned to the EFF as a champion of land.

The nation will be all eyes to see if the Malema and Mthembu plan comes to fruition. The ANC has been given a strategic advantage by President Zuma but the regime change agents inside the ANC are eager to undermine President Zuma and give the strategic advantage back to the London-controlled EFF.

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