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Birthday reflections – my 7 year journey under the leadership of Andile Mngxitama

By Yerushka Chetty

Comrades please allow me to share my reflections today with you. 

Reactions to the corrupt ANC are natural and necessary. 

From 2010 (when I was first introduced to the September National Imbizo (SNI)), Andile Mngxitama was exposing the ANC for what we know it to be today. 

Personally, for me it’s been a 7 year political journey, of coming to terms with what the ANC truly is/has become and just as important, how all ruling parties in post-colonial states have been captured by white capital and act no differently from the ANC.

It’s taken 7 years to move with clarity from #ZumaMustFall to the #ANCMustFall to #WhiteCapitalMustFall.

Four years ago the political landscape didn’t give room to entertain the #ZumaMustGo motion. Zuma was also then still protected by White Capital’s media. 

Three years ago EFF introduced to the national discourse #ZumaMustGo. By then, through the revolutionary direction of Andile Mngxitama, we had moved to the #ANCMustFall, should it continue to be managers of White Monopoly Capital. 

Today there is an ever rising call for the ANC to fall. But without the proper analysis of its intricate link to White Capital. Without the proper understanding of this link, we fall into the same trap of replacing unpopular leaders with popular leaders or currently unpopular movements with currently popular movements but not uprooting the economic gangsters that render any government that takes power, captured and vulnerable to perpetuating corruption. #RealStateCapture

Andile Mngxitama has been pushing the unpopular black truth from the time I first knew him, and from what I’ve heard long before then. Truth that is difficult at first glance to accept but truth that has consistently been verified years down the line. It may seem like he is a prophet of some sort but in reality he’s been soberly studying this anti-black capitalist white supremacist society for so long – in terms of our local environment, on an international scale and in its historical analysis – that when taking these factors into consideration his revolutionary direction then becomes quite obvious and predictable. 

He consistently gives revolutionary direction, and years down the line political leaders use this black truth as rhetoric to accumulate social power for their own personal gain.

It’s a beautiful moment in S.A. for us to collectively move to a point of seeing the ANC for the sellout collective they truly are. Now we need to connect the sellout project called the ANC to it being ultimately captured by the apartheid white monopoly capital families that it told us it defeated in 1994. #ApartheidNeverDied

In understanding this we turn the assumed structure of power on its head. White Capital takes it’s place at the top, the captured branding called the ANC below it, and the replacable black face presidents/mascots like Zuma below the ANC. As for black capitalists in S.A., well they don’t exist, even the billionaires are captured and controlled by controlling shares of white capital.

Now, Black First Land First (BLF) led by Andile Mngxitama is saying we don’t want another puppet President. We want change now. Only economic change can free us from being oppressed by the government that will otherwise be captured by White Capital.

BLF says #PeaceAmongstBlacks #WarOnTheEnemy for this very reason. We will never be able to solve any issue, big or small, without first taking power from those who own the land and the economy. We are slowly moving to this point. Soon our discussion will be centred on the corrupt system of white supremacy that corrupts our whole society, not isolated corrupt non popular leaders or isolated corrupt political movements. 

By then I’m certain Andile Mngxitama will be saying things years ahead of us that we will at first reject, and eventually be thankful that he lives amongst us and has the courage to be a true revolutionary leader. 

In BLF we are led!

Yerushka Chetty is former National Coordinator of Black First Land First and one of the #BLF26

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