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Beware of black liberals like Ferial Haffajee

By Xola Skosana

I had a running stomach listening to Ferial Haffajee telling an audience of almost 500 content creators at the IAB Digital Summit yesterday, that white monopoly capital and many such hashtags on social media, are fake news.

To the delight of white controlled media and whites in general, she went to town to demonstrate what real news are, produced, not by hashtags, but by investigative journalism. She then read from the old tired white script, enumerating Nkandla, State Capture, the Guptas and showered Thuli Madonsela with praises whilst on it.

Her book, “What If The Were No Whites in South Africa” comes from the same script written to absolve whites and give them blanket amnesty.

Imagine if the speculation that made rounds once, that Haffajee was going to be appointed head of the SABC, had become a reality, damn, whites would have won again.

I should be easy on her though, if I was awarded the 2014 International Press Freedom Award by the Committee to Protect Journalists, and was appointed to the board of the International Press Institute two years earlier, I would want to prove that whites were right about me, that I am truly the other Black, just like Mandela, Tutu and other Black laureates in Black Africa, I would never want to disappoint them.

There are many such liberal moderates in this country who are paraded as woke Blacks. Whites produce them everywhere. In business, media, politics, art etc. They show up everywhere and when they do, you can be sure that whites are safe.

Xolela Mangcu, Mmusi Maimane, Sipho Pityana, Cyril Ramaphosa, Thuli Madonsela, and many other buffoons fall in this category.

Helen Zille can spew all the tripe she likes, she is safe for as long as we have Black liberals who sing, “Not All Whites Are The Same”.

The script should be one, whites came, whites stole, whites raped, whites killed and whites must pay!

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