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BLF, Mzwanele Manyi targeted by Rupert’s propaganda arm, Sunday Times

By BO Staff Writer

White media is at it again trying to discredit some of the most vocal and critical black people against white monopoly capital. Today, the Sunday Times published a story making claims that the Gupta famaily funded a public relations (PR) campaign to discredit Johann Rupert and create, what they claim, is a false narrative around white monopoly capital.

The story also claims that Oakbay’s PR company, Bell Pottinger, “set up or funded two organisations”, the Black First Land First (BLF) movement led by Andile Mngxitama and the Decolonisation Foundation headed by Mzwanele Manyi, and in questions sent to Manyi, they implicate Pinky Khoabane’s blog, Uncensored Opinion.

The article, which relies on unnamed sources and “a document circulating in government circles”, is a tired rehash of the old story of the Guptas paying groups of people to defend them and redirect attention to white monopoly capital.

The Sunday Times’ narrative, propelled by other white media outlets too, is rooted in the racist logic that black people cannot think for themselves, but need to be paid or coerced to see that white monopoly capital exists and that it goes unchecked by white media.

Johann Rupert is the only named source in the story, the same person who the Sunday Times awarded a Life Time Achievement award in its business awards last year. He seems to be the one who forwarded the “document” to the Sunday Times. White media doesn’t even follow its own ideas of “objectivity”.

BLF wrote a statement responding to the article saying the newspaper was peddling “fake news”.

Sunday Times is the propaganda machine of Johann Rupert!

“The report is entirely based on lies and manufactured facts to tarnish the good name of our revolutionary movement which has been exposing the corruption of white monopoly capital with great success,” BLF said.

The movement said the story was a “coordinated attack” on it by Rupert who the movement has rightfully called the face of white monopoly capital. Rupert is “angry that the Guptas have poached his spin doctors. He can’t believe he has been out manoeuvred so badly, now he is throwing his toys around and accusing all for his own ineptness.”

The movement says it will report the Sunday Times to the Press Ombudsman,  take legal action against the Sunday Times and identify and occupy land owned by Johann Rupert.

On the other hand, Manyi shared his answers to the farfetched questions which the Sunday Times had sent him.

One of the questions, which were clearly not written by the journalist given their phrasing (one says ‘can he explain’ – not ‘can you explain’ as one who asks would phrase the question), include “Can you explain the number of images (which have been proved to be edited) you have shared via twitter linking individuals such as Ferial Haffajee, Vytjie Mentor and Johann Rupert?”

Read Manyi’s full responses below:

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