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Former EFF treasurer, Magdalene Moonsamy says party sold-out

By BO Staff Writer

Former Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) treasurer, Magdalene Moonsamy says the party sold-out for voting with the Democratic Alliance (DA) in last year’s local government elections. In a scathing interview with Jacaranda FM, Moonsamy said she was clearing her name, making sure people knew she was not part of the sell-out decision.

“I will never be dragged into the historical blunder of having sold the blood and tears of our people,” Moonsamy said.

Moonsamy echoed the words of Black First Land First (BLF) National Convenor, who is, coincidentally, also a former EFF Member of Parliament (MP), Andile Mngxitama who wrote an open letter to the EFF’s leader, Julius Malema, pleading with him not to go into coalition with the racist DA.

“A coalition with the DA shall only benefit the same people who have benefited from stealing our land,” Mngxitama said at the time.

Open letter to Julius Malema: Do not go into coalition with the racist DA

Moonsamy’s interview has vindicated both BLF and Black Opinion, who have maintained that the EFF’s coalition with the DA is an unforgivable sin which will bolster white racists and restore white power.

“In Tshwane right now there is crisis. In Johannesburg there is crisis. What has voting with the DA yielded for the Black people of Tshwane? Of Johannesburg?” Moonsamy said, referring to the recent Afrophobic violence in Tshwane and Johannesburg, which the EFF is yet to take responsibility for.

In a series of articles on the DA-EFF coalition partnership, Black Opinion noted how “the EFF was carrying out the instructions of imperialists such as Lord Robin Renwick and satisfying white monopoly capitalists like Johann Rupert.”

“The return of apartheid representation in the mayoral committees of both the City of Tshwane and the Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan Municipalities under the nose of the EFF is the clearest indication that the DAEFF coalition is for the benefit of whites and white settler monopoly capital. EFF must take full responsibility for the activities of its coalition partner the DA,” Black Opinion wrote last year.

EFF helps DA to bring back apartheid in Tshwane

Read the full Jacaranda FM interview here. Watch some of it below:

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