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Johann Rupert’s propaganda war to fabricate public opinion

By BO Staff Writer

On Sunday, the Sunday Times carried an article called “‘White monopoly capital’ chosen distraction in PR strategy to clear Guptas”. The claims made by this article suggest that the Guptas are waging a propaganda campaign against Johann Rupert and white monopoly capital, and that Black First Land First (BLF) and the Decolonization Foundation were set up by the Oakbay PR company, Bell Pottinger.

It can be gleaned from the article that it is indeed based on nameless source(s) which make baseless allegations that cannot be subjected to any form of cross examination so as to prove the truth thereof.

Rupert’s effort to influence public opinion evidently arises out of the concern of white monopoly capital about its opponents. More specifically, he is concerned that black radical opinion makers such as the BLF, Decolonization Foundation and Pinky Khoabane’s Uncensored Opinion have, for some sustained period of time, been reporting news about the real corruption in South Africa – being corruption by white settler monopoly capital – and exposing white corruption including white state capture in the country.

White settler monopoly capital led by Rupert, in cohorts with Western imperialism, has deemed it necessary to establish its own propaganda machinery and processes to enable itself to wage a propaganda war so as to buy and shape public opinion in its favour.

Rupert is using his tool, Sunday Times, to demonstrate the freedom of white monopoly capital to bribe the press and use its wealth to shape and invent “public opinion”. Rupert is defending, in the purest form of bourgeois democracy, an utterly offensive anti-black system that has thrust control and ownership of the mass media in the practical operation of itself as white monopoly capital. He is, via the Sunday Times, employing white power to act with impunity and in the process receive the necessary protection from public scrutiny.

It must be stated that the propaganda war led by Johann Rupert is intended to purchase the views of other influential newspapers in addition to the Sunday Times. The struggle for a true free press and, to this end, against white monopoly capital led by Rupert is indispensable.

A revolutionary dimension from historical legacy is now called in for guidance:

“Freedom of the press” is another of the principal slogans of “pure democracy”. And here, too, the … Socialists everywhere have explained millions of times —that this freedom is a deception because the best printing presses and the biggest stocks of paper are appropriated by the capitalists… The first thing to do to win real equality and genuine democracy … is to deprive capital of the possibility of hiring writers, buying publishing houses and bribing newspapers. And to do that the capitalists and exploiters have to be overthrown and their resistance oppressed. The capitalists have always use(ed) the term “freedom” to mean freedom for the rich to get richer and for the workers to starve to death. And capitalist usage, freedom of the press means freedom of the rich to bribe the press, freedom to use their wealth to shape and fabricate so-called public opinion. In this respect, too, the defenders of “pure democracy” prove to be defenders of an utterly foul and venal system that gives the rich control over the mass media. They prove to be deceivers of the people, who, with the aid of plausible, fine-sounding, but thoroughly false phrases, divert them from the concrete historical task of liberating the press from capitalist enslavement. Genuine freedom and equality will be embodied in the system which the (revolutionaries) are building, and in which there will be no opportunity for massing wealth at the expense of others, no objective opportunities for putting the press under the direct or indirect power of money, and no impediments in the way of any (persons or groups thereof) for enjoying and practicing equal rights in the use of public printing presses and public stocks of paper.” – V. I. Lenin, “Thesis and Report on Bourgeois Democracy and the Dictatorship of the Proletariat, March 4” in First Congress of the Communist International.

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