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‘We Blacks, the grants people!’

By BO Staff Writer

The leader of the Black First Land First (BLF) movement, Andile Mngxitama, took to Facebook, after another 1 month ban from the platform, to express his thoughts on the grants saga and the place of black people within it.

“Whilst I was in exile from Facebook, I was shocked by how black people get easily managed by whites. The issue of grants came up. We ended up fighting about making sure that the grants are paid (Zuma has been saying grants will be paid),” Mngxitama said.

He highlighted how white power had come out the winner in the situation, making black people squabble about crumbs, while white privilege remained undisturbed.

“The genius of white power is to make blacks elevate that which doesn’t disturb white privileges.”

Mngxitama then went further to decry the involvement of white non-governmental organisations (NGOs) like Black Sash, in the saga.

“White NGOs were at the Constitutional Court to ensure blacks get the grant. Two questions were never asked: 1. Why do 17 million blacks live on grants in a country with so much wealth? 2. Can the whites agitating for the grants to be paid, live on a grant just for one day?” he asked.

“See, they make us fight the wrong battle. If you answer the first question correctly, you will see that whites caused our poverty and  perpetuate the status quo by holding onto our land and wealth. We blacks, the grants people!” Mngxitama wrote.

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