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#PravinGordhanLondonRoadTrip – Lets do the math

By Yerushka Chetty

All important decisions relating to governing South Africa (S.A.) to exploit our labour as well as our mineral and natural resources, take place in London under the guise of #LondonRoadShows.

This is evident from the fact that all of our politicians are called to London just before important political and economic decisions take place in S.A. This has, amongst other instances, been the case so far with the following events:


All politicians who praise the imperialists in London, are further praised and protected by the white owned media in S.A.

S.A. politicians who abide by the decisions taken in London, play a key role in assisting in the continued exploitation of the black majority, as well as the natural and mineral resources.

Politicians that move against these decisions are attacked by London, and by the white owned media in S.A.

Pravin Gordhan and his deputy, while embarking on a #LondonRoadTrip and a #USARoadTrip respectively this week, were recalled by Zuma. It’s alleged that intelligence reports indicate that Pravin’s objective for going to London was to gain support from banksters in London and the USA so as to further imperialism’s regime change agenda in S.A.

If our enemies, who meet in London and in the USA to plan our exploitation, are attacking our President, does this mean that – by virtue of being attacked by the enemy – our President is no longer a puppet of these imperialists? Does it mean that Zuma is our ally against these imperialists?

Ultimately the banksters want to make a profit out of our exploitation and Zuma, it seems, is standing in their way.

#StateCapture #ZumaFirePravin #HandsOffZumaEconomicLiberationNow

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