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#NationalShutdown unpopular amongst black people

By BO Staff Writer

The national shutdown planned by Save South Africa, Democratic Alliance (DA), Section27 and other white civil society movements is largely unpopular amongst black people. A number of blacks have taken to social media to voice out their dissatisfaction at being called to protest against President Jacob Zuma when white people feel it is convinient for them. A number of people have pointed out that white people are never present when called to protest against black historical injustice but when their privilege is threatened, they are up in arms.

We publish two of such criticisms below:

Bishop Pule Makhethi is asking some questions from those who want to march on April 7:

Apparently, we’ll see something we have never seen in the history of our country, this side of the democratic dispensation!

I’m bothered!

I can’t stand on the sidelines anymore!

Let me add a voice!

Black Africans who will take part in the march must answer the following questions FIRST:

1. Did you march or added a meaningful voice when it was revealed that ABSA Bank stole Billions of Rands which belongs to the people of this country?

2. Did you march or added a meaningful voice when it was revealed that the Banks in South Africa conspired to affect the strength of the Rand from a political motive?

3. Have you ever heard that more than 90% of the economy of this country is STILL controlled by the white minority, and if you have, what have you done and what are you planning to do about it?

4. Did you know that the land South Africa is STILL white owned, if you do, what have you done and what are you going to do about it?

5. Why will you be marching on Friday???????

6. Did you know that President Zuma acted within the law in reshuffling and dropping some members of His cabinet!(what I’ve just said does not mean that I say you MUST agree with his choice)?

7. What is your REAL reason REALLY, for Agreeing to march on Friday(I write: “agreeing”, because I know that you are one of the many that did not originate the idea)?

My Black brother and sister, please do some reflection, and do yourself a favor and at least answer this last question to yourself he!!!!!!!!

Mpake Monoge writes:

“When we marched to Chamber of mines, No whites!
When we marched against eTolls, No whites!
When we marched against South African Reserve Bank (SARB), No whites!
When we marched to Constitutional Court for release of APLA forces, No whites!
When we marched against Labor brokers, No whites!
When we marched for a Living wage, No whites!
When we marched for the better life of farmworkers, No whites!
When we fight for service delivery,No whites!
When we fight against evictions,No whites!
When we marched for decent jobs, No whites!
When we marched against racism,No whites!
When we marched to ConCourt for Land return, No whites!

But for one blackman who’s hated by whites then the country must standstill and get shut down?

Whites killed blacks and stole their land, but were forgiven without justice, and Zuma benefitted unduly from public purse and found guilty. He paid but still clever blacks don’t forgive him.

Are whites forgiven because they returned the LAND?”

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