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Why I will not be going to the #NationalShutdown march

By Black of Azania

From those who invited me to the march, I need answers to the following questions:

1. How come I have never received an invite to march against ABSA, the Ruperts and others who stole R26 billion from the state and demand that it be paid back?

2. When are we marching against the banks who were recently found guilty of cheating, stealing from and lying to me, directly. And demand criminal prosecution?

3. Why do their white organisations take every legislation meant to empower me as a disadvantaged person to court, calling it reversed discrimination?

4. How come we never see these whites at service delivery protests, yet they say they want to make South Africa better for all?

5. After the march when I go back to my shack, poverty stricken or limited life. Where do these whites and their bought black friends go to?

6. What is their real aim because my issues and theirs are not and can never be the same?

7. How come they keep sabotaging the economy and never create jobs for me and others like me?

8. Which visible efforts have white people made to build this nation and end my poverty?

9. Why is it that I never meet them in our social grant queue?

10. How come these protests are led by rich or elite black men who live in the best suburbia and drive luxury cars, yet supported by poor and working class South Africans. What is their interests?

11. Who sponsors these EXPENSIVE marches at such short notice, and yet they have no money to contribute to poor students and the fees must fall movement?

12. Why did the former Minister of Finance, Pravin Gordham, call for protests and national “shut down” after he was axed from cabinet. Is he saying to me that only he can do the job and the position is his birth right?

13. Historically, all these marches are organised and attended by poor people and the working class like us. Strangely, the noise about “issues” relating to this march is being made by big business and the rich. Why?

14. What is in it for me as an ordinary South African?

15. Am I being manipulated and used to fight a battle to settle scores and preserve privileges which are far from mine? How come these people do not support Radical Economic Transformation which is meant to empower me?


Please pass on to 10 other people and save our country from these crooks.

One thought on “Why I will not be going to the #NationalShutdown march

  1. Elethu! I fully and unashamedly agree with you. I can’t be associated with some march engana mrhabulo tu! Black people must wake up quickly, else the land will be gone completely.

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