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By BO Editorial Collective

Black Opinion turns 1 years old today. With that, we continue to implore Black people to think for themselves. Thus we are running a writing competition under the following details:

Who is the enemy of black liberation in South Africa?

1. Jacob Zuma?
2. The Guptas?
3. White monopoly capital/those who stole land of blacks?

In 300 to 1000 words justify your answer.

All submissions will be published in Black Opinion without being edited.

The deadline is Wednesday, April 12, 2017. The winning contribution stands to be awarded R1000 cash. Winning contribution will be selected by the Black Opinion Editorial Collective.

Send responses to: [email protected]

2 thoughts on “THINK FOR YOURSELF competition

  1. The sad truth is that.. White people are more privilege than black people in SA. And this will continue for years if the government doesn’t stop it. Stopping it, means allow SA economy to collapse because it’s not in the hands of the black majority. What help does it do to have the Rand strengthening or weakening if black people don’t have it, the land has not yet returned to its rightful owners (blacks). It’s painful that blacks were given the word freedom yet they are not economical free. Equality between black and white is a myth in SA.
    SA resources are from overseas. To answer the question at hand… Who is the enemy of black liberation in South Africa?
    White monopoly capital is… white people should acknowledge their faults and please bring back the land, and stop monopolizing black people’s land, resource, etc.

  2. On my opinion I would say the government is the real enemy, as it has failed to live to its promise, it’s been more than a decade since we were promised of a free,fare and transparent government but we are yet to see that happen.

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