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BREAKING NEWS: Julius Malema tells EFF members to cause mayhem today

By BO Staff Writer

Black Opinion has been reliably informed by sources close to the leadership of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) that members have been encouraged to be violent in today’s march against President Jacob Zuma to the Union Buildings.

Insiders say that the instruction issued includes the destruction of property and attacking people associated with the ruling party. This is an instruction for black on black violence as part of the strategy to create general chaos and to subsequently put the blame for it on President Zuma, so as to effect regime change as per the desire of Lord Robin Renwick who is the nerve centre of coup plotting in South Africa.

Sources say that when the instruction was issued, a few questioned it – more so because it was so different from the instruction issued during the 2015 march to the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE). During the march to the JSE,  the instruction was that the protest has to be completely peaceful. This double standard is worrying some EFF leaders who questioned, albeit silently, the different postures EFF takes.

To this end the obvious question raised is, why is there a militant and hostile posture against the State and President Zuma whereas a peaceful posture is adopted when dealing with white monopoly capital (WMC)?

Some of the EFF leaders who are questioning the double standard point to how EFF leaders peacefully submitted a memorandum to the JSE representatives and then returned peacefully to the JSE on a follow up meeting which included a happy photo session with the representatives of WMC.

Sources say further that when Malema insisted previously that the JSE march be peaceful, it was to charm British imperialism by presenting to them the idea that the EFF was in charge of the angry masses that in turn will do as it says. Now British imperialism wants violence – Malema will deliver as per the wishes of London!

The instruction for violence gives credence to the claim by Black First Land First (BLF) that today’s march was funded and organised by imperialism to effect illegal regime change – just like it happened in Brazil.

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