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EFF’s Mbuyiseni Ndlozi peddles lies about BRICS and Brazil: Part 1

By Matabz

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Spokesperson, Mbuyiseni Ndlozi’s protracted political onslaught on President Jacob Zuma continues unabated, albeit without any grounding on proper theoretical foundations, except distorted facts and moribund analyses concocted to protect white capital.

Ndlozi wrote two opinion pieces for the white-liberal/right-wing publication, Daily Maverick, titled Dispelling some myths of the canine reshuffle and Dispelling the final myth: BRICS and imperialismI responded to the first one here A rejoinder to Ndlozi’s colonial myths.

It’s instructive to invoke the Leninist injunction, “without a revolutionary theory there can be no revolutionary movement”, hence Slovenian Philosopher & Psychoanalyst Slavoj Zizek could lament American Philosopher & Historian, Noam Chomsky of lacking theory, and therefore always being empirically wrong in his descriptions.

We see Ndlozi being swept off by the same pandemic of lacking political theory, and therefore even getting the facts twisted.

In this piece I hope to try and assist Comrade Ndlozi’s erroneous recollection of facts and blatant misreading of political events which stem from either his decadent conception levels or just his crude propagandist paid-gesticulations.

The Brazilian situation: debunking Ndlozi’s lies

In his most recent piece, Ndlozi would make us believe that President Dilma Rousseff’s impeachment in Brazil was owing to a corruption scandal involving Petrobas. This must be categorically dismissed as the most blantant and pathetic of lies peddled to appease regime change agents.

In his article titled “Brazil: the billion dollar coup“, emeritus Professor James Petras, with vivid clarity, states that “Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff was removed from office through a well-organized, carefully planned operation among the corrupt Brazilian political elite, closely linked to the stock-market, financial institutions and foreign energy companies.”

Petras impeccably relays turns of political events that ensued and formed the basis of Rousseff’s “legislative coup d’état”.

The overthrow of President Rousseff was meticulously organized by the capitalist class of Brazil for its own parochial ends, with lead coup-master Pedro Parente whom vice President Temer paved way the for.

Parente engineered his narrow capitalist trickeries (with vice President Temer, an analogues figure to Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa) that ensured the placement of the Brazilian economy in private foreign capital’s hands. Over $15 billion worth of Brazilian key assets were foreignly privatized, moreover other lucrative industries were sold off including the large-scale oil license which was sold to Norwegians.

The scandal cited by Ndlozi was actually a $15 billion plunder ravaged by the pro-Temer capitalist coup cabal which was anti-Rousseff. It needs to be stated that President Rouseff was cleared of all charges of corruption, contrary to what is insinuated by Ndlozi.

The fall of President Rousseff actually mirrors the exact situation of SA which Ndlozi is at pains and under pressure to dissuade us from. The majority of Rousseff’s congress, under the crooked leadership of Vice President Michel Temer, was coopted by the capitalist class (in the same fashion the anti-Zuma faction is co-opted by white capital) and voted with the worker’s party to impeach Rousseff (in the same style Ramaphosa’s anti-Zuma faction formed an unholy alliance with EFF to overturn Zuma’s motion of land expropriation and continue agitating for his impeachment).

The unbearable levels of Ndlozi’s paid distortions utterly defy all factuality of the Brazilian happenings. Far from what Ndlozi would have us believe as the cause of Rousseff’s impeachment, it is a naked and very accessible truth that Rousseff’s impeachment was never ever predicated on Ndlozi’s false allegations of a $22 billion scandal, but rather on false charges that Rousseff took unauthorized state loans to cover budget deficits during her 2014 election to a second term.

As can be seen, Ndlozi’s basis of the comparative analysis he draws and the inference he makes from the Brazillian situation are fatally flawed and baseless, thereby making his whole narrative ill-founded.

There’s a sharp, glaring and conspicuous congruency between Brazil’s anti-Rousseff mechanics and SA’s anti-Zuma campaign. The same imperialist strategies and tactics employed against Rousseff are precisely the same ones employed against Zuma, with the EFF being a well-choreographed performer in this theatre of battle.

With the failure of their legal coup d’état against the tenacious Zuma, filled with utter desperation, the imperialist Lords are now resorting to the streets (with their black maids, garden boys and junior agents) trying to do the dirty work of removing Zuma themselves. The master cat, in a beguiling fashion, has now decided to unleash its deluded rats in order to topple the big rat. The imagery is so ugly and grotesque, one is filled with anxiety from the thought of the cat getting hungry.

Ndlozi’s desperate moves rely on a warped white capital narrative involving one of their chief agents, former Public Protector Thuli Madonsela, who has been a public protector of white capital and a premium slave-catcher of note who openly rejected investigating white corruption.

While the EFF was so zealous on their misguided #PayBackTheMoney red herring campaign, their allegiance to Master Johann Rupert was stripped naked by their sheepish silence on the ABSA R3.2 billion theft, and the recent 17-bank currency collusion to which Rupert’s brigade were mum. The vulgar pseudo-militancy and pandemonium of the EFF only found its outlet on President Jacob Zuma, but immediately turned into a solemn prayer session when faced with Rupert.

The narrative of Pravin Gordhan being an active advocate of BRICS is not only archaic and obsolete but more importantly misses the current political and economic dynamics that has shaped the defiant and “white capital friendly” Gordhan who was chosen by white capital (by putting Zuma under heavy duress), implicated and beholden to a wide range of white capital firms through his private shareholding.

Ndlozi must stopping distorting facts to fit his and the EFF’s London agenda.

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  1. People like Ndlozi think that simply because they can make noise in parliament they now think they have the intellect to right an article on global politics. He and their EFF are agents of the West.

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