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Letter to President Jacob Zuma on his 75th birthday

By Lindsay Maasdorp

Dear President Jacob Zuma

Our inspirational leader Stephen Bantu Biko once said, “Township life alone makes it a miracle for anyone to live up to adulthood. There we see a situation of absolute want in which black will kill black to be able to survive.”

Today on your 75th birthday we realise that you indeed are a miracle.

President of the Republic of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, you have survived so long, and yet today characterizes the ongoing onslaught on your existence by imperialist masters, headed by the settler coloniser Johann Rupert. Sadly Biko’s words haunt your existence today, as we see the running dogs of imperialism, black beings who Biko correctly calls non-whites because of their impossible aspiration for whiteness, seeking your blood.

Of course on the daily, township life demands black social death, but it would seem that South Africa is one massive township on this day, where the white settler coloniser has set its running dogs on you.

I willfully choose not to mention any of the areas I disagree with you on, on what should be a special day. I choose simply to say to you the President of the Republic of South Africa, elected by the majority of this country, President Jacob Zuma that I love you as a black person, just like I try to love myself, despite me being characterized by many ills.

It’s your birthday, and though you have done the unthinkable thing for a black being, in living to see 75 years despite all these days being filled with ferocious onslaught, and even today you are not spared from this white rage.

I only wish black people would remember that it is white existence that gives us this oversized township which is fueled by white hatred for us, and that this then ensures we fight each other, until we kill each other so to preserve whites as humans and us outside of humanity.

President Zuma, you are the leader of this neo-colony. President Zuma, I have heard you say land expropriation without compensation. In fact you are the first President of this country, in truth the only President of this country, the President elected by the majority of this country who speaks for us and speaks what our souls yearn for, “Land expropriation without compensation!” President Zuma I equally heard your cry against this racist exploitive society.

Today I plead with you on your birthday to give us the greatest gift to ensure our dignity. Take the land from these white land thieves, who hate you and all black people. Return the land to us, the black majority, so that we can be truly freed from the scourge of this racist violence that characterizes our beings.

I wish you a long life and strong courageous leadership, marked with a commitment to the total emancipation of those who have fought and lived before, us who still remain in this fight as well as our unborn children.

Revolutionary Birthday Wishes to the President of the Republic of South Africa, Jacob Zuma.

Lindsay Maasdorp is the Black First Land First National Secretary for Student Affairs.

3 thoughts on “Letter to President Jacob Zuma on his 75th birthday

  1. Dear Lindsay

    I fully agree and support with your aspirations,hence that why I am commenting,I sincerely wish that more South Africans would be incline in this manner.


  2. This country wil not survive without J G Zuma. We lv u man continue with your calng God gave this caling. I pray 4

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