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#BlackOpinionTurns1: A year of Black Opinion

By BO Editorial Collective

It is in an album of jazz classics where revered South African songstress, Thandiswa Mazwai, affectionately known as King Tha, excavates Miriam Makeba’s famous quote about the conqueror and the conquered.

Makeba says, “the conqueror writes history. They came, they conquered and they wrote. Now you don’t expect people who came to invade us to write the truth about us. They will always write negative things about us, and they have to do that because they have to justify their invasion.”

Such is the case in South Africa today. All writers of the current happenings in our country are white. Whether it be the media, via newspapers, television channels, or the radio, or academia and research, or even so-called ‘civil society’, all these platforms, which play a significant role in shaping the minds of black people, are white owned! Their agenda, is equally as white, seeking to maintain the status quo by whatever means necessary.

Newspapers like the Sunday Times are not afraid to lie to maintain the narrative that Black people are incompetent and corrupt. White-liberal/Right-wing opinion sites like Daily Maverick are not afraid to print antiblack, dehumanising, mysoginistic and rape-normalising images, to supposedly create dialogue about our President whom the whites have deemed corrupt. Where journalists in newsrooms where previously reprimanded for “taking sides” and showing their political inclinations, now they are rewarded for doing so – and the rewards only come with taking the side of white monopoly capital.

Black Opinion emerged a year ago in the midst of such an environment. At the time, white owned media was dominating the life, and minds, of our people. Polluting it with self-hate and directing their anger at the wrong targets. We were not fooled! We were tired of speaking on the sidelines. We wanted our voices, our black voices, to be heard!

Black Opinion was then established on 10 April 2016 to “go against the white media and strive to speak the forbidden black truth… the mainstream media is white. We must stop lamenting! Let’s develop our own alternative media outlets for our black opinions to be heard.” We were tired of the conquerors (white owned media) writing our history for us, we wanted to write it ourselves, and over the past year, we have been successful at undressing stories and debunking white media myths.

At the time of the launch of Black Opinion, BRICS (Brazil, Russia,India, China, South Africa) countries were under increasing attack from Western imperialism. This was most evident in Brazil, where the democratically elected president, Dilma Rousseff, was under threat of impeachment because of trumped up corruption charges. Brazil had been undergoing pro-poor policy programmes which lifted millions out of poverty and threatened the interests of both the local and international capitalist forces. For this reason, anti-Rousseff marches were orchestrated and funded by imperialism, until she was impeached.

In the South African political arena, white monopoly capital and Western imperialism were making similar inroads. Afraid that their power over the South African economy would be snatched away from them by one family, the Guptas, the owners of South Africa’s economy hatched schemes to make it seem that the problem in South Africa was this family, and not them. White Monopoly Capital was threatened by the Guptas because they had entered markets which they felt were their preserve to loot with impunity. In cahoots with global Western imperial forces, white capital in South Africa, personified by families like the Ruperts and the Oppenheimers, wanted regime change, so they used all tools at their disposal (opposition parties like the Democratic Alliance (DA) and Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), parliament, civil society, ratings agencies, media etc.) to make it happen.

Last year we noted the modus operandi of the coup plotters in all BRICS countries, and unfortunately for us, our predictions have been proven correct.
Last year we wrote, “first, they downgrade the country to junk status, this intensifies or provokes an economic crisis. Secondly, they blame the economic crisis they have presipitatedon the government or head of state they want gone. Thirdly, they use private owned media (their own media in other words) to project the government or leaders they want gone as corrupt (often using known corrupt to do so but now present them as crusaders for anti-corruption.) Fourthly, they fund “social movements”, “NGOs” and opposition right wing parties to organise street protests exploiting real issues of the people for regime change. Fifthly, they then rig the elections or reject the outcomes of the electionsif they don’t win and start the circle all over again until they win.”

This observation from last year has scarily come to pass, with opposition parties marching hand-in-hand this week for regime change.

Ratings agencies have been terrorising South Africa ever since President Jacob Zuma took the bold decision to fire Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene and hire Des van Rooyen. Zuma was forced by Johann Rupert and other white captains of industry to remove van Rooyen and hire their preferred minister, Pravin Gordhan. But from then till now, the good news is that Zuma as been speaking out more firmly on the call for land expropriation without compensation – thus becoming the first president since 1994 to stress the importance of the land question for economic liberation.

The past year has also seen the strengthening of movements like the Black First Land First movement (BLF) which has laid charges of corruption and state capture against white capitalists like Rupert, Maria Ramos, Christo Wiese etc. The movement has strongly agitated for corrupt banks like ABSA to pay back money stolen from the Reserve Bank during apartheid, and for the former and current public protector to investigate white monopoly capital corruption.

In the past year, the ruling ANC has fractured further with vivid lines being drawn between the pro-Zuma and pro-Gordhan factions (pro-East vs pro-West). We will watch closely the developments of each faction and their links to Western imperialism.

The week of Black Opinion’s first birthday has been filled with history making events. As it has been our duty over the past year, we will continue to bring you the Black truth, without fear! We will continue on the path of writing our own history!

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