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National Day Of Action: R30 million for only 30 000

By BO Staff Writer

The so-called National Day of Action on Wednesday will go down in history as the most expensive protest in South Africa. Insiders say the nine opposition parties who took part in the march and their sponsors, who are mostly white monopoly capital, spent nothing less than R30 million for the event, which managed to bring out approximately 30 000 people to the streets. This means every 1000 protesters cost the organisers R1 million, further meaning it cost the organisers at least R1000 to bring each protester to the march.

This has been christened the most expensive march in the history of South African marches.

Critics of the march say it would have made better sense if the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader, Julius Malema and the Democratic Alliance’s (DA) Helen Zille had just announced on radio that anyone who brought themselves to the march would each be given R1000. That way, everyone would benefit, not just the leaders who get paid in British pounds by Lord Robin Renwick for regime change.

Pro-Zuma groups like Black First Land First (BLF) have accused the planners of the anti-Zuma marches as agents of imperialism, paid by London to bring about an illegal coup just as they did in Brazil.

The white owned media hyped up the protest for weeks as “the mother of all marches”. Full page and full colour advertisements were seen in national newspapers such as the Sunday Times. Scores of volunteers, big trucks and loud hailers were hired. However, after spending almost R30 million, only 30 000 people showed up on the day of the march – according to Gauteng police.

This was the worst national march by the overrated EFF, which had pulled a crowd of 60 000 in October 2015 in its march to the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE).

The march, if evaluated from the point of costs, was a colossal failure. The white owned media, sensing a PR disaster, turned to the manipulation of pictures and lies.

On the day of the march, the white media claimed between 100 000 and 120 000 people turned up. The EFF picture doctors went on overdrive on social media to pump up the images. The propaganda angle was to claim over 100 000!

To give the lie some credibility pictures were panelbeated until they looked like there was more than 100 000! The police official stats and basic analysis shows that only 30 000 showed up, if not less.

In the haste to give numbers steroids, many hilarious mistakes were made when photoshopping the images. The mainstream media also played with angles to give the impression of a march bigger than its actual size. The good thing is that now we know – white owned media doctors pictures to create lions out of cats.

Many have begun to ask the question if the golden era of the EFF as the king of protest is not already over? Are people beginning to reject the London agenda?

Spending R1000 for each protestor is unsustainable, even if Johann Rupert and Lord Robin Renwick were to put together their sponsorship for regime change.

The National Day of Action will be remembered as the most expensive protest march in the history of marches in South Africa. They spent so much money to remove President Zuma, however he is still standing. They wasted money for nothing.

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