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We have only one enemy: white monopoly capital

By Kutlwano a Mpho Ramabowa

This article was submitted as part of the Think For Yourself competition.

Who is the enemy of black liberation in South Africa? This is simply one question with only one factual answer. History has indeed predicted our future. The overview of 300 years of historical events in South Africa show that whites and their systems of oppression namely imperialism, colonialism and capitalism (all bred by racism) have become a traditional enemy of the liberation of blacks.

We have currently witnessed the effect of President Jacob Zuma’s decisions on white capital. It has indeed shaken them, if not put a boundary between capitalist greedy-bloodied hands and the treasury. For a black man who keeps record of history and current affairs, it is easy to see and understand that the white monopoly capitalists have and continue to use media and other civic movements like SaveSA to thei advantage. In this respect, they have indeed used the power of their own media to lie to the masses. They have painted the sky green and the grass blue in their media tools to deliver deceitful and misleading news.

With the land in the hands of a few whites and the economy still in their baseless pockets, we still have the guts to believe they want Jacob Zuma out of office for our own interest?

We have watched our own black President being rubbished and called names for reasons that are a bunch of allegations, but the former Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan has been hailed as an angel and savior, even if evidence of his compromised position for having shares in private institutions that stole from the people and continue even today to do so. This man has been found guilty of setting up a “Rogue Unit” at SARS which spies on black businesses. So tell me how this “angel” is being hailed by most of all black people?

Malcolm X said it before that “This is the press, an irresponsible press. It will make the criminal look like he’s the victim and make the victim look like he’s the criminal.” This statement by Malcolm X is evident today in South Africa and as the media is owned by our historical enemies in a form of white monopoly capital.

The most embarrassing thing is the so-called ‘radicals’ like the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) which have joined hands with the people who locked our economy. After their 2015 London trip the EFF leadership came singing a new pro-white song.

Firstly the self-proclaimed “Marxist-Leninist” Commander in Chief of the red-overalls, Julius Malema, appears to be the new darling of the white media after years of being criticized by the white society and the media for his “racist” statements. Secondly, he aborted the party mandate (Lonmin & Cyril Ramaphosa are guilty of the Marikana massacre, occupation of ABSA buildings, land redistribution without compensation) and the new song is “Zuma must fall” and “Pay back the money.”

On land the issue, he settled for the people to occupy unoccupied land and he further staged a walk-in at the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) and later shook hands with JSE authorities.

Thirdly, in the “Judas-Act” of the 2016 municipal elections, Julius Malema gave black votes to whites when he voted and formed a “multi-party” coalition with the Democratic Alliance (DA) and handed them on a silver platter Johannesburg‚ Tshwane‚ and Nelson Mandela Bay.

The above mentioned events are a highlight of how armed white monopoly capital is, which is a core reason of our current problems (poverty, unemployment, colonized-education, declining public health care, etc.)

The media like to make us believe that our problems are the Gupta family, who owns probably less than one percent of our economy, compared to the deep and historical capture by white monopoly capital who owns more than 90% of our economy.

The Guptas have never dispossessed us of our land, they have never brutally raped and murdered us, they have never made us flea our country and leave behind our families to exile, they have never jailed us and torture us, neither have they killed our leaders. They have never forced us to use their languages as a medium of instruction at schools, when we refuse, they like-wise carry on to murder us.

In conclusion we have only one enemy which is the white monopoly capital and its players are Johann Rupert, the Oppenheimers and a long chain of white CEOs and so called “investors”.

#HandsOfZuma #RadicalEconomicTransformation #LandRedistributionWithoutCompensation #Izwe

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