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We shall defend any black person that come under attack from Western imperialism

By Khotso Masemola

This article was submitted as part of the Think For Yourself competition.

We spend our time admiring colonial objects. Our economy is controlled by white settler monopoly capital which continues to oppress us. The influence of technology continues to mislead and confuse us from the main questions, like our stolen land and who really runs our country’s economy. Instead of using the same technology against the oppressor we spend time believing the fake news it produces.

In the current state we find movements like SaveSA marching against President Jacob Zuma for fighting white monopoly capital head on. Firstly, President Zuma removed Pravin Gordhan who was in service of white monopoly capital which offered him shares in top companies in the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), meaning he was a lap dog of white capital, defending white settler racists to benefit from the country’s economy.

Why are we seeing the ones favoured by the economy and state marching against the president of our country? That is a crucial question black people should be asking themselves. What is Save SA saving South Africa from, because our main enemy is white monopoly capital which doesn’t want any kind of race to be acknowledged by the JSE and the SARB. The Gupta family has a stigma enforced by white media and fake news to be subjected as capitalists of the country meanwhile the major cartels of this country resume business as usual.

All this clearly shows the President Zuma is on the right track since we find white people marching against him.

We need to spend more time educating black people on who’s the enemy because the white media continues misleading our people by giving them false hope, fake news and subjecting them to mental slavery. White media misinforms black people about how “junk” status affects us as black people. We don’t even have the economy, so how can junk status affect us?

The so-called ‘Black middle classes’ seem not to understand the reason why black conscious movements like the Black First Land First (BLF) movement continue to stand with President Zuma, because they don’t understand the basis of black consciousness. The reason why BLF has responded radically to the President’s call for land expropriation without compensation is because we as a movement know that the land and economy doesn’t belong to whites. This country as a whole belongs to us.

Black consciousness speaks to those who seek to situate themselves away from colonialism and oppression from whites, teaching black people about their roots and about the real enemy of black people. Black consciousness teaches us who benefits from the slavery black people have faced for close to four hundred years.

We can spend our whole lives blaming politicians about our current dilemmas. We will never find the conclusion to the dilemmas until we unite and fight the main enemy which keeps us oppressed and misled – that is white settler monopoly capital.

We must continue reminding whites that they are thieves.

Today movements like Save SA will continue undermining black people and progressive presidents because of the unity white people have towards controlling the economy and our country.

As a movement BLF stands its ground and says Africa is for Africans. White people are foreigners and major criminals globally! They are the reason behind the world oppressing black people wherever they are in the globe.

Guided by our father Steve Biko, we have the burden to defend any black person that comes under attack from white people and Western imperialism and this includes the President of this country Gedleyihlekisa Jacob Zuma.

We are resolute: Hands of Zuma, we want economic liberation now.

Khotso Masemola is a member of the Black First Land First movement.

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