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Eskom being captured by the Guptas is a lie

By Sthandwasami Dlamini

Eskom’s 27 major coal suppliers are: Liketh Investments; Umcebo Mining; HCI Khusela Coal; Sudor Coal; Stuart Coal; Exxaro Coal; Keaton Mining; Kuyasa Mining; Shanduka Coal, whose interests held by Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa are now held in a blind trust; Ntshovelo Mining Resources; Just Coal CC; African Exploration Mining; Finance Corporation, which is a state-owned mining company; Wescoal Mining; Hlagisa Mining; Perisat Investments; Universal Coal Development; Vunene; Optimum Coal Holdings; Iyanga; Lurco Coal; Anglo American Thermal Coal SA (Pty) Ltd; Anglo American Inyosi Coal; Becsa (BHP Billiton Energy Coal South Africa); BHP Billiton; Optimum Coal Holdings; Anglo/Exxaro JV; and Xstrata/African Rainbow Minerals JV, which has an interest by billionaire Patrice Motsepe.

The lie that says Eskom is captured by the Guptas is a mere lie whose main purpose is to divert attention from White Monopoly Capital. There is no truth to this.

When Eskom demanded that Anglo-American should give 55% of its shares to black ownership, Anglo gave Eskom a middle finger and threatened to withdraw its supply of coal to Eskom.

The battle against nuclear is that it has a potential to take billions of Rands from Anglo and BHP Billiton – that’s what their agents are fighting for.

Fortunately for some of us, we don’t even know, let alone to have met, those Silly Guptas who undermine everybody else.

Our argument is not about defending the Silly Guptas who, by the way, were canvassed to come and invest in the country during the mid-1990s while white racist companies were boycotting South Africa and pulling out in their numbers.

Therefore the Silly Guptas exploited that reality but they are not controlling the economy of South Africa, neither have they captured any state parastatal because all state owned companies are captured by white monopoly capital. All of them.

When the time arrives we wish issue each and every detail. Even Business Empires that were established using Pensions of ordinary Workers when that day come South Africans wont be Victims of their own ignorance.

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