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An open letter to Rehad Desai: Your films are anti-black

By Yerushka Chetty

Yesterday, I watched with anticipation your much publicised new documentary on Al jazeera about the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader, Julius Malema’s rise to national politics, Julius vs The ANC. But I was very disappointed by the underwhelming and uncomplex film.

You intentionally left a lot of things out in the documentary (I think calling it a regime change propaganda tool is more fitting than calling it a documentary) about Malema – forcing me to come to the conclusion that the documentary was not made with the intention to shed light on the happenings in South African politics today, and Malema’s role in them, but that the film is a clean and clear propaganda tool to agitate for the removal of a democratically elected president, Jacob Zuma.

Rehad Desai why do you refuse to release the footage you shot of the EFF’s tour in the United Kingdom, where the EFF leadership met with Lord Robin Renwick, a known imperialist coup plotter?

You followed & filmed EFF while they met with our white imperialist oppressors in London. Was it around this time that the plot to remove Zuma from power was unveiled? Were you in the room with EFF leadership while they were ordered to join forces with the racist Democratic Alliance (DA) to try impeach Zuma?

Your regime change propaganda tool – conveniently called a documentary, is disappointingly predictable. I thought it was an ideological oversight when you made Miners Shot Down to erase white monopoly capital’s links to the murdered miners. I now can see it wasn’t, your aim is one sided – to remove Zuma. The same aim the EFF has. The same aim the DA has. The same aim our imperialist masters in London have.

Your films don’t serve to free the black majority you pretend like you care about, instead your work conveniently serves white racist imperialists that have owned the South African economy from before apartheid.

You love and protect the white racists that oppress us in South Africa (you never expose them!!!) while you continue to go to great lengths to expose the corruption of one black individual, even linking him to deaths you refuse to link whites of Lonmin to.

You fuel black hatred and protect white structural economic racism and violence. That’s fucked up! Whites must love you in London!

You are no documentary maker be honest with yourself Rehad, you are a propaganda maker for white corporate media. A worker like us. An anti-black black profiting of our suffering. Fuck you!

Rehad you are getting fame, awards and fortune from destroying our lives!

It’s sick that white supremacy and money can fuck up blacks to the point of creating people like you. Your life’s work and talent is used by white racists to keep more than 50 million Blacks in South Africa oppressed. You have to be really fucked up in the head to sleep well at night knowing you are doing this.

Rehad you were advised about not erasing white monopoly capital’s hand in the Marikana massacre, but you still arrogantly continue to do so even in this propaganda piece called Malema vs ANC.

It’s painful & sad that you don’t care about us here anymore. It’s sad that you care more about making money in the U.K. selling regime change propaganda, than concretely changing the lives of the black majority by naming and shaming the truly corrupt white monopoly capital that controls ANC and have captured the ANC led state.

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