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White media lying about Malikane “take up arms” comment

By BO Staff Writer

Yesterday, the Black First Land First (BLF) movement’s blacks only monthly event, Blacks In Dialogue (BID), hosted the finance minister’s advisor, Professor Chris Malikane, to discuss his ideas around radical economy transformation.

In the talk, Malikane highlighted the need for a minimum program which would unite “progressive” black people across the spectrum for the return of the land and the economy to the black majority.

This morning, white media couldn’t help but try to smear the name of the radical professor. News24 reported that Malikane said he would “take up arms” for radical economic transformation, a complete departure from what he actually said.

This is what really happened. In a question and answer session, a man who said he was from the Revolutionary Movement of South Africa, stood up and said he was disappointed in Malikane’s talk. He said Malikane was not radical enough and that he was hoping Malikane would say that Black people must take up arms in order to get back the land. The man made his comments and then left the room.

Malikane responded to the man, who had vacated the room, and said that the only way to change the constitution was to get a two thirds majority in the national assembly. He said it wasn’t his call to make whether black people must take up arms or not. Instead he said that that is the choice of the “black working class” fighting for land. “The choice of taking up arms is not a decision to be made by one person,” he said. He even went further to say that he did not like war, and that he preferred lobbying for a majority to change the constitution.

The decontextualised use of the “take up arms” comment, is to further demonise the professor, who has been consistently saying that white monopoly capital is the main problem in South Africa.

BLF, which was hosting the event, released a statement, clarifying the comments made by the professor. Read the full statement below:

White owned media lies about Professor Chris Malikane

Last night, Professor Chris Malikane, the advisor to the Minister of Finance, Malusi Gigaba, addressed more than 300 people at the Blacks in Dialogue (BID) (blacks only) event organised by Black First Land First (BLF). Prof Malikane expanded on his already public views on radical economic transformation. It’s with great shock to see the white owned media blatantly lie about what Prof Malikane said at the event.

The distortion in facts is led by the racist Naspers-owned arm of white monopoly capital – News24.

BLF wishes to put it on record that the comments about “taking up arms” were not the input of Prof Malikane. It was rather an agent provocateur, possibly sent by the very same white monopoly capital, who stood up during question and answer session, and slandered Prof Malikane and then called for an armed uprising and then walked out. He was clearly sent to divert attention from the serious proposals put forward by the professor.

Prof Malikane, in his response, was absolutely clear in rejecting violence or an armed uprising. He went further to express his own personal dislike for war. Prof Malikane emphasised that change must be driven by constitutional reforms. BLF believes the agent provocateur was sent to create a justification for the demonisation of Prof Malikane as part of the strategy of white monopoly capital to silence him.

All the agents of white monopoly capital want Minister Gigaba to disassociate himself from Prof Malikane. It is important to note that none of the media reported that Prof Malikane was responding to a hostile question by an agent provocateur who then stormed out of the BID. Any media house which wants the truth can ask for the footage of the exchanges.

BLF wishes to state categorically that the comment about taking up arms cannot be justifiably associated with Prof Malikane. We call on the media to report truthfuly.

BLF is going to lodge a complaint with the press ombudsman to set the record straight. BLF calls on the white owned media to stop its fake news manufacturing to vilify Prof Malikane. The white owned media is irresponsible and unethical in advancing the agenda of white monopoly capital. The lies and slander must stop.

The time for Radical Economic Transformation is now!

Issued by Black First Land First, National Coordinating Committee (BLF NCC)

30 April 2017

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