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The power of repetition in propaganda 

By Yerushka Chetty

Comrades try this at home. Pick a person and remind them for the next two weeks how beautiful and loved they are. Be consistent. Do this daily for two weeks. 

Take another person that you see everyday and for the next two weeks create a story – any story, for example, of why the earth is flat (you can get this via Google). In the 2 weeks, and on a daily basis, try to include in the conversations reasons why the earth is flat. You don’t need to be factual. You just need to sound convincing. 

Let me know what happens. Chances are, the person who you reminded every day that s/he is loved and beautiful will feel loved and beautiful.The person who you tried to convince over two weeks that the earth is flat, will start to entertain the idea that maybe you are correct that the earth is indeed flat. 

This is human nature. The more something is repeatedly told to us, the more we become convinced that it’s real. This is why we are warned to consider what we repeatedly tell our children. If we repeatedly call our children stupid, they start to believe they are stupid. 

Now imagine being told and reminded everyday from 2007 till now of “#Zupta #Zupta #Zupta”, do you think that we stand a chance to not want to chant “#Zupta #Zupta #Zupta #ZumaMustFall”?

This is why we must beware of white media. They repeat the same story and the same words over and over and over and over again to convince us that what they are saying is true. And when they repeat something enough times, they don’t need to give us proof because we already believe them. 

Now look at what you believe and then ask yourself, do you have proof? Have you been shown proof? Are there any charges?  Is there a conviction at least?

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