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A Response to Helen Zille – The Death of DASO & the Devils Dream

By Nonkululeko Mickey Moyo & Lindsay Maasdorp

At first glance, one would question why the Premier of the Western Cape, Helen Zille, would take time to speak on student politics, to troll students online or spend any amount of time deciphering the meaning of a Student Representative Council (SRC) election and how it comes to be that the Democratic Alliance Student Organisation (DASO) no longer contests at the University of Cape Town (UCT). But of course, we know that whiteness merely metes out force on blackness, as it salivates to subdue its subjects who push for their liberation.

Here, Zille – like white society at large, has been caught flat footed, exposed on the blindside. She has been strategically outsmarted in the liberal institution, among the leading universities on the colonial continent, and right outside her back door, in the province she leads. DASO defeated. It does not exist. It has been annihilated at UCT.

In fact, not even Mmusi Maimane arriving at Rondebosch South African Police Service (SAPS) station, during the protests of Fees Must Fall, could save the political party. He, along with his Klein-baas, were swept away unceremoniously, so much so that Madame Zille now needs to intervene, as the legacy of Cecil John Rhodes bleeds.

Recently, fascistic vice chancellor, Max Price, encouraged the UCT community to join the Western imperialist coup plot march under SAVE SA. For Price, Zille, DA & DASO, UCT must be maintained as a white liberal institution that safeguards white ways of thinking to pursue a continuation of South Africa as a neo-colony, where whites can continue to enjoy freedom, while blacks remain oppressed and conquered.

Thus for Zille – as she states in her recent article titled ‘From the Inside: The ‘silent majority’ needs to find its voice’, the loner carrying a board stating “open the institution” reflects a just society, even though these institutions oppress blacks, maintain white ways of knowledge production and institutionalise & safeguard the monkeyfication of blacks, as whites make us go bananas.

That for Zille is freedom – the symbolic situation where one white person’s privilege must be preserved, even at the expense of every black person throughout time.

In her continued infantilisation of black people, for Zille “toyi-toying” is like children aimlessly playing around in the streets. It is the in-thing where subjects wave placards in the air under the proclamation of “decolonisation”. It is white entertainment.

Now the theatre seems to have gone dark for Zille.

The native has realised they can no longer be subject to the liberal narrative that “we all can speak”, when the words of the oppressor is that which characterises the chastising of us as the oppressed. The white oppressor has always sought to remind the black oppressed that all their actions are outside of thought and that they in fact are bereft of ideas. This calamitous article written by Zille therefore collapses into irony as she reinscribes the Fanonian thought that the coloniser is unable to locate the colonised within the veil of humanity.

The long, intellectually awkward, attack on Frantz Fanon shows the awakening of a generation which is hell bent on dismantling the rainbow nation myth, which is willing to delve into the praxis of black liberation by correctly locating the relationship between coloniser and colonised to be irreconcilable outside of the return of land, labour and ways of living.

Zille fails to realise that such is the mold of constitutional delinquents like President Jacob Zuma who says “Land expropriation without compensation”, that we find no need to respect any document that shackles us as slaves but instead, yes, we want decolonisation. A total rupture. The violent response to the construction of our being by white racist violent land thieves who carved out blackness and spaces like UCT out of rape, plunder and pillage.

On #ScienceMustFall

Zille makes a number of ideological slips as she unpacks #ScienceMustFall, in what she cites as the silencing power of Fallists and the absurdity that radical thinking Fallists arrive at.

One must firstly appreciate how whiteness has no ability to rationally navigate spaces which challenge it because of the totalising nature of its notion of knowledge – which is fundamentally rooted in the historical birth of secular reasoning that coins the foundations of their experience with the world at large and with scientific thinking.

But, by no means possible do we expect white people to be the ones that understand and know their history, as theirs is to avoid it and the truth of their being at all costs and opportunity, as history exposes their consistent irrationality, unreasonability and inhumane nature, traced to their ancestral existence time immemorial.

It is therefore important in this regard to dispel the idea that the Fallist, Mickey Moyo, who suggested that “#ScienceMustFall” was saying that scientific knowledge should be totally obliterated. She made a bold claim that if the presentation of scientific knowledge cannot self reflect and decolonise, to be able to appreciate other forms of scientific knowledge outside of the Western presentation of white male figures as the only original thinkers, then there is no value in only appreciating it.

Secondly, Moyo presented a ‘hypothetical situation’ (and its important to underline that the claims made were hypothetical) to expose the very behaviour that a white male in the audience soon displayed without hesitation after she made her comments.

The chairperson called the audience member to order, not to silence them, but to point out that it does not make sense to interject and shout at a speaker because they viewed what they were saying as absurd, when she in fact, had expressed in simple English that her claims are regarded and treated as absurd, because the Western notion of science rejects other forms of scientific appreciation of nature outside of its white saviour worshipping project that steals knowledge and presents it as being discovered by racist white males.

She explained this is simply done to conveniently embed the belief that white people are superior in thinking, intelligence and knowledge production. Contrary to what Zille says, no silencing occurred, because the audience member should have used more reasonable means to challenge the views presented, but failed.

Therefore, Zille’s understanding of the situation clearly exposes how whiteness only uses the language of reasonableness, civil engagement and decency when it suits them. When coloniser and colonised share a room, the notion that the coloniser can be unreasonable and disorderly is seen as mythical, and it is further impossible for a racist Zille to locate the colonised as needing and able to subdue the coloniser to more reasonable terms; hence she jumps at the falsities of “silencing them”.

The fall of DASO, the rise of Fanon

In her article, Zille attacks black student after black student purely because DASO was crushed, because the liberal racist UCT is under siege, because white land thieves are feeling the Fanonian rumble on the blood washed soil.

So why did Madame Zille take the precious time of citizens who pay her salary, to write an opinion piece on the white weaponary online publication, Daily Maverick, rubbishing black students?

Because black students at UCT have united across political difference and outthought DASO, Price, Zille while also continuously dismantling the foundation that enshrines Cecil John Rhodes – colonial land theft!

The tyranny and tears by the Western Cape Premier seeks to mask the truth that the province still has concentration camps like Blikkiesdorp. The truth that some communities like Imizamo Yethu are under siege from the city council which aims to see them evicted for filthy rich white thieves. Zille seeks to blind the reader as she attempts to rescue whiteness and maintain the forgotten black oppressed hidden from public papers.

Like a fictional character from a marvel comic, Zille jumps over the reality of the many black communities oppressed by racist DA governance, as she could not resist rescuing what she calls victims of “race shaming”. How can an open racist, colonialism denialist, want to utter any sound critique on what she terms “race shaming”. This not withstanding that as proponents of racism, white people have one simple role, return the stolen land & wealth of this country to the black majority, so as to end racism. But as the colonial master she is, she paints this picture that black people quarreling need white intervention. She even prepares us for her apparent book which will know doubt marry the shades of white and black to give us a rainbow with no pot of gold.

After a run around, Zille comes out clean as a granny saddened that her grandchildren failed to contest in the UCT SRC election. Her eyes naturalized by the white shining light, has been shocked by an increasing black wave outside her backdoor.

The house negro has always just ploughed her field, the garden boy has raked her lawn; at what point has the house been set on fire? Where was klein-baas to oversee, she asks?

Helen Zille weeps.

UCT, carved for colonial praise to maintain the white liberal’s voice shouting over black outcasts, is now seeing the signs of black unity. Zille wallows in disbelief. Cecil’s UCT is shaking. Max Price, who signed the agreement to let expelled students back, danced as the same students agreed the institution could function for 2016 examinations. Now the sick racist Dr Price, who broke every condition in the agreement made between students and management, is made to realise by madam Zille that he allowed only a few lowly pawns to cross the chess board and usher them as queens of student governance.

Helen is full of fear. White people are full of fear. UCT is full of fear. Perhaps Fanon can echo from the grave? The rumblings from the wretched of the earth are soaking up the blood stained soil and demanding that white people pay back what they took. Perhaps the land and the breath of our ancestors might just be accounted for.

As “Fanonistas”, we echo back the words of comrade Masixole Mlandu to Max Price and Helen Zille:

“We will usher into this country an attitude of black rage, black liberation, an attitude that threatens the foundation of whiteness”.

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