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Did Malusi Gigaba silence Prof Chris Malikane?

By BO Staff Writer

The newly appointed Minister of Finance Malusi Gigaba is said to have finally gagged the outspoken radical economist, Professor Chris Malikane.

Sources close to the minister say Gigaba has been worried about the public utterances of the Wits School of Economic and Business Sciences professor whom he hired as his advisor recently. Gigaba has been under extreme pressure from white monopoly capital globally and locally to reign in his advisor. The pro-white monopoly capital Democratic Alliance (DA) has been campaigning to not just silence Malikane, but to also get him fired.

It now appears that Gigaba has finally caved into the pressure from the markets, white owned media and the DA. What gives credence to the claim of a gag is the fact that Prof Malikane abruptly became unavailable to a public engagement with an ANC branch in Honeydew yesterday. The organisers were at pains trying to explain the no-show by the prolific professor who was meant to be the main speaker.

Malikane has become like a cult figure for those South Africans who want radical economic transformation. His proposals for transformation are clear and have been widely supported by black people. However, Malikane is seen as a dangerous man by white monopoly capital and imperialism.

Gigaba is accused of pandering too much to the same forces that Pravin Gordhan served. Gigaba is yet to demonstrate what is different between him and the pro-white monopoly capital Gordhan who opposed radical economic transformation.

The question in the minds of the supporters of the “Malikane Proposals” is whether Gigaba shall ever develop stronger courage to confront white monopoly capital. Will he take Prof Malikane’s advice in secret when he denounces it in public?

Right now Gigaba has become the darling of the white press and he seems to be busking in the adulation from the markets. This is the surest way to end the dream of radical economic transformation. White praise is poison!

How long Malikane will accept the gag is an interesting point to ponder.

What is important now however is the distribution of the Malikane Proposals to all ANC branches as they prepare for their policy conference. No amount of fear for the markets and investors should stop an idea whose time has come. Radical Economic Transformation is on the national agenda and it has to be persued with rigour and vigour.

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