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Yunus Carrim allowed JSE to lie about black ownership

By BO Staff Writer

Why did African National Congress Member of Parliament (ANC MP) and Chairperson of the Standing Committee on Finance, Yunus Carrim, allow the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) to lie to parliament about black ownership?

This is the question many ask after the joint sitting of the finance and trade and industry portfolios descended into chaos last week.

The nation watched with shock, honourable Carrim’s dishournable behaviour when he interrupted the committee by unjustifiably ejecting Black First Land First (BLF) from his committee.

His actions are understood to have been triggered by the fact that BLF told the finance committee that the main stumbling block to economic liberation is white monopoly capital. Carrim is a known anti-Zuma factionalist who has been helping former Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan to maintain the hegemony of white monopoly capital over the economy.

Carrim belongs to the Ramaphosa and Gordhan faction of the ANC, whose primary mandate is to protect white monopoly capital. This explains why Carrim was so angry with the BLF.

Furthermore, the BLF President Andile Mngxitama exposed Carrim as a pseudo-Marxist who didn’t have any grasp of the basics of Marxism. Observers at the sitting noted the hostile treatment Carrim gave BLF as compared to the docile, almost sheepish, attitude he displayed when dealing with the JSE representatives who addressed the committee just before BLF did.

What many also were shocked by is how Carrim and some ANC MPs in the committee who where hostile to BLF, like honourable Thandi Tobias, allowed the JSE to lie to the committee and the nation.

Sources who asked not to be named told Black Opinion that part of the reasons why the ANC MPs attacked BLF but “molly coddled” the JSE is because of White Monopoly Capital capture.

Carrim and Tobias allowed the JSE to peddle the obvious lie that black ownership of the JSE is sitting at 23%. The established figure is actually less than 3%. Carrim who was too eager to chase BLF out of the committee didn’t contest this lie by the JSE. He was too busy being polite and engaged in an artificial questioning of the JSE.

It is clear that MPs like Tobias are incompetent servants of white monopoly capital who didn’t ever care to do basic preparations but where determined to silence BLF because of its antagonistic position with regards to white monopoly capital.

It was left to BLF to dispel the false notion that blacks own 23% of the JSE.

In 2015 the lie that JSE has 23% black ownership was debunked. Did Carrim not know this or did he allow the JSE to deliberately mislead the nation? The economist, Duma Gqubule,  was one of the many who exposed the propaganda of JSE. Carrim and the likes of Tobias can not claim ignorance.

BLF has said it will officially lay a compliant against Carrim with the Speaker of parliament for his unparliamentary conduct plus added to this will be a complaint of deception and incompetence in service of White Monopoly Capital. Carrim must explain how he allowed the JSE to lie to the nation.

BLF says it will ask why Carrim allowed the JSE to say black ownership is 23% when in fact its merely around 3%?

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