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Whites dominate top management positions in companies – Employment Equity report

By BO Staff Writer

Today, Labour Minister Mildred Oliphant‚ presented the 17th Employment Equity report in Pretoria where she said she is considering harsher consequences for companies which are slow to transform.

The Employment Equity report shows a glaring truth – that white people own, manage and control the South African economy.

“Black people‚ women and persons with disabilities remain severely under-represented in all aspects of employment equity. It also mirrors the glaring lack of appetite for transformation especially by big corporates,” the minister is reported to have said.

In the report, the Chairperson of the Commission for Employment Equity, Tabea Nkabinde, says “We as a Commission will therefore, pursue the promulgation and implementation of Section 53 in earnest to ensure that there is radical economic transformation in the workplace.”

Listed companies in the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) are the biggest flouters of the Employment Equity Act, accounting for more than 50% of the companies that have been issued fines for non-compliance.

The report is based on 26 255 employment equity reports received from companies across the country, compared to 25,030 reports last year.

94.8% of the reports came from the private sector, which represents 5.3 million workers, with non-profit organisations, state-owned enterprises, educational institutions and national, provincial and local government making up the rest of the workforce.

The report divides the workforce according to race, gender and disability. The report shows that top management level jobs are still the preserve of white people, with 68.5% of positions occupied by them, while the rest of the majority population scrambles. Black ‘Africans’ occupy 14.4% of top management positions, 8.9% by Indians and 4.9% by coloureds. Foreign nationals make up 3.4%.

According to the report, the representation of the white group at the top management level, at 68.5%, is more than six times their economically active population (EAP).

The report also notes that 55.2% of promotion opportunities go to white people. It also shows that they are also more likely to be recruited into higher management jobs.

Whites are overwhelmingly represented in the private sector, non-profit organisations and educational institutions. On the other hand black people are congested in government and state-owned enterprises.

The report also shows that a large chunk of unskilled labour black. More than 95% of the unskilled workforce consists of black people.


The full report is available here for download.

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