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Black First Land First and the Gupta Myth

By Ncamisile Sibiya

There is a perception, that the organisation: Black First Land First (BLF), is organised around promoting the political, social and economic aspirations of the Gupta family of Sahara Estate, Saxonwold. This analysis of BLF is primarily based on BLF’s defense of the Gupta family: as it is being scapegoated as the representative of all public and private sector corruption in South Africa. Despite BLF’s many protestations, that their defense of the Gupta’s was premised on ideology, not any form of employment contract existing between BLF, and the Gupta family, those promoting the above mentioned perception of BLF stubbornly insist that BLF has the defense and advancement of the Gupta family as it’s reason for being.

(It is also interesting that all those who mistrust the Gupta’s, are unable to produce any evidence upon which to place, their wide-ranging mistrust, of the Gupta family.)

Indeed BLF has always maintained that its defense of the Gupta family is based upon the principle of Fairness.

It is not fair that the Gupta family is routinely hounded for its allegedly corrupt relationship with the government of South Africa, in a context where corruption underlies the entire fabric of the South African society. The reason this is not fair it that: the corruption that underlies the entire fabric of the South African society, is not being exposed and stopped.

In South Africa, the political, economic and social spheres of South African society are based upon institutions that corruptly favour the aspirations of the “White People”, while disfavouring the aspirations of the “Black People”. As a result, a vast number of Afrikan South Africans, are amongst some of the poorest people in the world. This poverty is directly created, and benefitted from, by the white supremacist superstructure. It is thus disingenous to overlook the generally corrupt relationship, that the white beneficiaries of this corrupt system – based on corrupt institutions, has with the Black population in this country.

To overlook the creation of a degraded society, such as is the Black populations, is to legitimise – to declare normal and just – those processes that have created such. BLF opposes this white supremacist superstructure, as its primary reason for being, and as such, will use any avenues available, to expose and stop the system that benefits from a status quo that degrades Black people. Indeed the maligning of the Gupta family offered BLF an opportunity to expose the white social, economic and political infrastructure, that fears the economic emancipation of Black people, so much so, that it creates structures, to curtail the economic, social and political aspirations of Black people.
It is not for this article to explain how such an unfair culture could come to dominate the economic, social and political environment on Planet Earth. The reality is that this is the case – and it is as beneficial to the well-being of Humanity on Earth, as a malignate parasite is, to a living organism.

It is in this context, that one should understand the political philosophy of BLF. Any other questioning should be based on facts and not ideas crafted by minds warped into believing the lies created by white supremacist universities and white supremacist media organisations.

The above piece was first published in the writers blog “Ncamisile” on 12 May 2017

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