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Zama Zamas march to HAWKS and DMR on 10 May 2017 – documents

By BO Staff Writer

On 10 May 2017 about 1000 protesters marched from Samaria in Kimberley to the HAWKS and then to the Department of Mineral Resources (DMR) and Economic Affairs. The march which was led by the Kimberley Artisinal Mine Workers (Zama Zamas) was in general “against racialized, colonized mining as well as the right to land and housing”.

Black First Land First (BLF) as well as the unemployed communities, the Mining Affected Communities United in Action (MACUA), civil society organisations and other entities joined the Kimberly Artisinal Mine Workers in solidarity action.

A criminal case was laid at the HAWKS against Ekapa Minerals (Pty) Ltd and 3 others for conducting mining operations without the requisite mining permits in certain areas in Kimberley. A further complaint was lodged regarding the delay in investigating and finalizing a criminal charge of theft previously preferred by 6 artisanal miners against certain mining houses. The following letter was handed to the HAWKS in support of the criminal case that was opened and the complaint lodged in respect of the other case:

10 May 2017


We as the Kimberly Artisanal Mine Workers (Zama Zamas) hereby open a criminal case against Ekapa Minerals (Pty) Ltd, Kimberley Ekapa Mining Joint Venture, Super Stone Mining (Pty) Ltd and Crown Resources (Pty) Ltd for mining without mining permits in Kimberley including in Kenilworth, Samaria, Greenpoint and Greenside.

Furthermore, we demand a follow up and a speedy finalization of the criminal case of theft of mining equipment opened by us last year at the Kimberley Police Station under case number, 506/9/2016. To this end the mining equipment of Lucky Seekoei, Godfrey Motloteng, Pieter Mokitini, Victor Taku, John Motshwanaysi and Elisa Louw was stolen by Ekapa Minerals (Pty) Ltd, Kimberley Ekapa Mining Joint Venture, Super Stone Mining (Pty) Ltd and Crown Resources (Pty) Ltd.

Issued by the Kimberly Artisanal Mine Workers (Zama Zamas)

10 May 2017

Contact details
Chairperson, Kimberly Artisanal Mine Workers
Lucky Seekoei
Cell no: 078 708 8405
Email address: [email protected]

The protesters then proceeded to the DMR where the following Memorandum of Demands was handed over against signature:

“Memorandum of demands of the Kimberly Artisanal Mine Workers (Zama Zamas) to DMR on 10 May 2017

We as the Kimberly Artisanal Mine Workers (Zama Zamas) together with the unemployed communities, civil society organisations, the Mining Affected Communities United in Action (MACUA) as well as Black First Land First (BLF) having marched from Samaria have gathered at the Department of Mineral Resources (DMR) and Economic Affairs to deliver our memorandum of demands.

Our struggle is against racialized, colonized mining as well as the right to land and housing. We have for over 14 years been working on the floors in Kimberly and subjected to inhuman treatment including harassment by the land thieves De Beers, Supper Stone, Ekapa Minerals (Pty) Ltd, and Crown Resources. To this end these mining houses use private security companies to forcibly steal our tools of trade, being our mining equipment, thus robbing us of our livelihoods. Then our own people – black police – are unleashed on us by these same white mining houses, fueling black on black violence.

We condemn the forced evictions and court orders interdicting us from mining and we call for their reversal. The mining houses operate like a criminal gang. The land belongs to us black people, including all the mineral wealth beneath it and on the floors – not to the white mining houses. We know that all land in white hands in South Africa (SA), including the mines, is stolen property.

We note the deaths of the numerous Zama Zama miners over the years due to racialized and colonized mining and that the racial persecution of the miners continues to date. We note further that SAs 150 years of apartheid mining legacy bears testimony to the fact that the more wealth mining generates for white monopoly capital, the more marginalized the black miners are rendered. Radical Economic Transformation is called for in this sector that will revolutionize mining so as to benefit the real owners, being blacks.

The Zama Zamas are the only politically legitimate black miners in SA because we are able to earn a living wage within a white supremacist system of governance. Moreover we are able to function independently of the white monopoly capitalist system of mining.

As the Zama Zamas we are currently prevented by white monopoly capital – which is empowered by South African legislation – to own, manage and work the mines. The Zama Zamas are banned from exercising the basic right to work. We are banned from mining in terms of the Mining Petroleum Resources Development Act (MPRDA).

SA is a signatory to the United Nations’ International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights as well as the African Union’s African Charter on Human and People’s Rights. Although these instruments compel the SA government to give recognition to the Right to Work, the government continues to disregard them and act with impunity.

We have earlier today went to the HAWKS where a criminal case was opened against Ekapa Minerals (Pty) Ltd who are mining in the area without a permit.

Our demands as the Zama Zama miners are:

– an end to all evictions

– an end to all interdicts on mining

– an end to police and private security violence at the instance of the mining

– to get legal recognition for operations over the floors

– that DMR denies mining rights to Ekapa Minerals (Pty) Ltd

– to be granted mining permits by DMR

– to be granted a Small Scale Centre where we will be able to process our

– to be given land in the area that we mine in

– for rehabilitation fees to be lowered

– for permits to be extended to 5 years from 2 years

– for the MPRDA, to be revisited in the interests of the Zama Zamas including:

a. the provisions of section 11 relating to “Transferability and encumbrance of prospecting rights and mining rights”; and

b. the provisions of section 26 regarding “Mineral beneficiation”

– to get legal standing and recognition

– to be regularized

– to get the necessary subsidization

– to get health care including occupational health and safety

– to get access to and practice of clear communication channels

– to get security protection

– to get freedom of economic activity, including trade

– to remove all fences erected at the instance of Ekapa Minerals (Pty) Ltd in the areas of Greenpoint, Greenside, Cassandra and Samaria. To this end the current fencing erected around the bush in Greenpoint obstructs residents access to the bush which is currently used for sanitation, firewood and livestock grazing.

– to get decent housing, sanitation and clean running water in Greenpoint and Samaria

– to have freedom of access and movement in the area of residence, work and economic activity

– to obtain an end to black on black violence

These freedoms we will fight for side by side, throughout our lives until we have won our liberty.

Aluta continua

Issued by the Kimberly Artisanal Mine Workers (Zama Zamas)

10 May 2017

Contact details
Chairperson, Kimberly Artisanal Mine Workers
Lucky Seekoei
Cell no: 078 708 8405
Email address: [email protected]

A response is now awaited from DMR who in turn undertook to do so within 14 days of receipt of the said memorandum. BO shall keep the public informed on further developments herein.

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