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Robin Renwick against BLF Land Imbizo

By BO Staff Writer

British coup plotter and friend to the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), Lord Robin Renwick has blocked his South African minions from attending the upcoming Land Imbizo organised by Black First Land First (BLF).

Sources close to opposition political parties Democratic Alliance (DA) & Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) among others, which are known to be handled by Renwick, have revealed that he is concerned by the Land Imbizo.

The report of Renwick’s dirty hand in South African politics seems to be corroborated by a tweet by the President of BLF, Andile Mngxitama, where he asks EFF leader Julius Malema to confirm or deny the rumours that EFF has been instructed by Renwick to not attend the land imbizo.

Mngxitama tweeted: “@Julius_S_Malema I hear the reason EFF can’t participate in the #BLFLandImbizo is because Robin Renwick has instructed you not to. True?”

The imbizo has been billed by BLF as a space for the black majority to dialogue amongst themselves and to unite behind a Program of Action to take back the land.

This morning Mngxitama told the SABC Morning Live show that all major black political parties had been invited. Now it appears that parties like the EFF have been commanded from London not to attend the historic meeting which is expected to be attended by delegations from as far as Lesotho, Ghana and Cameroon.

When contacted for comment Mngxitama said, “We have invited all black parties because the return of land is a matter which is above party political consideration”. However, he added that, “only those who are controlled from London would be opposed to black unity to reclaim our land”.

The indifference shown by EFF towards the Land Imbizo has raised the question of what the party considers important because it has no difficulty marching hand in hand with the racist and colonialism apologist DA.

As Africa commemorates Africa Day, it seems that colonialists like Robin Renwick have not stopped running African affairs from London. Mngxitama is on record as saying, “the land imbizo shall continue irrespective of what London thinks”.

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