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EFF supports apartheid, Ndlozi says

By BO Staff Writer

Last night, the University of Cape Town Economic Freedom Fighters Student Command (UCT EFFSC) hosted a talk by the EFF Spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi.

The spokesperson, affectionately known as ‘People’s Bae’ may have lost his ‘Bae-ness’ after the talk. Ndlozi pushed his way through a cringeworthy talk on postcolonial liberation movements, leaving students and his admirers dissappointed at his lack of clarity on the gender question (something symptomatic of the whole EFF leadership), and his hyperinflated hate for black people (Jacob Zuma and Black First Land First) whilst unconsciously valorising whites.

Ndlozi is quoted as having said that he would choose a decades long system of oppression which killed millions of black people (apartheid) over the Marikana massacre, which occured under the ANC government.

During the question and answer session, where Ndlozi largely went offscript, he is accused of saying, “I would rather stand for apartheid than the massacre of Marikana.”

The sheer carelessness and violence (considering how apartheid affected black families) of the response left many shocked. But, others were not too suprised though, given the fact that the EFF is in a coalition with a white political party.

After last year’s municipal elections, the EFF gave away black people’s votes to the white racist Democratic Alliance (DA), calling it a “better devil” compared to the ANC. Who in their right mind would call racist white people better anything? Well, Malema did. And now, Ndlozi has taken it further to say he basically agrees with Helen Zille, that colonialism (and apartheid) was not that bad.

Questioned about his use of the problematic binary terms, he/she, and thus his erasure of queer people, Ndlozi confidently pronounced that people “choose to be trans.”

The firebrand feminists of EFFSC who, during Fees Must Fall, would bite the head of anyone who made such a blunder, were dead quiet, leaving the People’s Bae fully exposed of his backwardness.

Earlier in the day, EFF Commander in Chief, Julius Malema, also made similar blunders whilst addressing an Africa Day rally in Johannesburg.

He said white people “don’t respect” black men because black men don’t respect themselves.

“Why would they [White people] respect a person who is not respecting himself? It starts with you. You must have self-respect,” Malema said, reducing the complex problem of gender based black on black violence to “respect”.

But of course, the EFF leadership’s ideological flatness when it comes to gender and race is well-known.

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